The first and also the majority of well known hit single of the early on steady rock team Procol Harumand uncovered on the album with the same name.The song was created in 1967, before the… Read More 

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We skipped the light fandangoTurned cartwheels 'cross the floorI was feeling kinda seasickBut the crowd referred to as out for moreThe room was humming harderAs the ceiling flew awayWhen we called out for another drinkThe waiter lugged a trayAnd so it was that laterAs the miller told his taleThat her confront, at initially just ghostlyTurned a whiter shade of paleShe said, tbelow is no reasonAnd the reality is ordinary to seeBut I wandered via my playing cardsAnd would certainly not let her beOne of sixteen vestal virginsWho were leaving for the coastAnd although my eyes were openThey could have actually just as well've been closed
And so it was that laterAs the miller told his taleThat her confront at first simply ghostlyTurned a whiter shade of paleShe shelp, 'I'm residence on shore leave,'Though in truth we were at seaSo I took her by the looking glassAnd compelled her to agreeSaying, 'You should be the mermaidWho took Neptune for a ride.'But she smiled at me so sadlyThat my anger straightway diedAnd so it was that laterAs the miller told his taleThat her face at initially just ghostlyTurned a whiter shade of paleIf music be the food of loveThen laughter is its queenAnd additionally if behind is in frontThen dirt in reality is cleanMy mouth by then prefer cardboardSeemed to slip right with my headSo we crash-dived straightmeans quicklyAnd assaulted the sea bed
And so it was that laterAs the miller told his taleThat her face at first just ghostlyTurned a whiter shade of pale
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The initially and also most famed hit single of the beforehand gradual rock team Procol Harum


Procol Harum – called after a Burmese cat belonging to a frifinish of the group’s manager. It is believed to intend “Beyond these far off things” in (misspelled) Latin.

Keith Reid, that created the lyrics, shelp about the song (from songfacts):

It’s sort of a film, really, trying to conjure up mood and also tell a story. It’s around a connection. There’s characters and there’s a area, and also there’s a journey. You get the sound of the room and also the feel of the room and also the smell of the room. But absolutely there’s a journey going on, it’s not a arsenal of lines just stuck together. It’s gained a threview running with it….I feel with songs that you’re given a piece of the puzzle, the impetus or whatever before. In this case, I had actually that title, ‘Whiter Shade of Pale,’ and also I thought, There’s a song below. And it’s comprising the puzzle that fits the piece you’ve obtained. You fill out the picture, you uncover the remainder of the picture that that item fits into.