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Basically, I bet you'll seeat first I'm not rather what I seemI'll be sure to put a smileon your silly, ugly facesEverything is present and tellThe eyes don't fool and mess aroundHold our hands and also sing alongNothing lines up anymoreI can never before believethat people aren't what they seemEverybody hides their faceHow might I have actually noticed?Nonethemuch less, we're all the samethat many kind of points are in our headsSjust how your smile and sing alongNopoint lines up anymoreTurn around and on an axisCirculate the are afraid roughly youMake a storm of tears and angerAh, my dear, don't concern 'bout meYou and i were made to disposeWe'll consume the points approximately usJust accept the things you understand andlook around
WaitWhat is going on here?I'm a small out of sortsI have the right to feel it slippingSanity and things that streatment meWhy not try to let go?I've been feeling out of orderTake it step my action, nowTake a good look, this is meThis is what I've involved beThis is what I've concerned beCshed your eyes and also watch the screendisplay the things you dare not seeI'll be laughing evermoreEverything is display and also tellThe eyes don't fool and also mess aroundHold our hands and sing alongNopoint matters anymoreCachinno, perdet eam, uertigine, ego sumParare, exacuetur, currenperform, ego sumRenidet usque ad vos, rideo, rideo, ego sumCachinno, perdet eam, uertigine, ego sum
Oh, what the hell should I do?I've been feeling out of orderI am gradually shedding itSanity and points that watch meFace the truth,I'm a tiny out of sortsWear a crooked smile, nowThis is what I've involved beThis is what I shouldn't beThis is what I want to be
A follow up to GHOST’s Carnes, currently featuring both Say and Arc, Say being played by GUMI, via Arc being played by YOHIOloid. It may likewise have themes of dissociation.

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