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Data on vacant executive positions that call for presidential appointment with Senate confirmation, 1992-present.vacancy indicators: start day, date reported to GAO, company, place typenominee: name, nomicountry date, nomination statusacting officials: name, begin & finish dates
Bulk data downtons of assorted Government Publishing Office collections: Congressional bills and also bill recaps (113th Congress/2013-present)Code of Federal Regulations (1996-present)Federal Register (2000-present)Public Papers of the Pinhabitants (2009-2011)Supreme Court Decisions (1937-1975)

Selected Executive Agencies:

Environpsychological Protection Agency1997+
General Services Administration1997+
National Aeronautics and also Void Administration2004+
National Science Foundation1996+
Office of Management and also Budget1997-2011
Office of National Drug Control Policy2009+
Office of Personnel Management2009+; 2005-2009
Office of Science and Technology Policy2009+
Small Firm Administration2009+

Social Security Administration

SSA Office of Inspector General



U.S. Agency for Internationwide Development2009+
U.S. Trade Representative2009+; 2001-2007

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