Although Liesel still refuses to kiss Rudy, their connection nonethemuch less reaches a new level of intimacy in this section. Rudy struggles to attend to the departure of his father and feels helpless because there’s nothing he can execute to adjust the case. Liesel recognizes just how he’s feeling, and also she shows how much she cares for her friend by continuing to be at his side. Even as they walk to the outskirts of tvery own, Liesel doesn’t revolve back until she knows Rudy will come via her. At Christmas, Liesel aget reflects exactly how a lot she cares for Rudy by her gift. She plans one of his favorite activities: stealing, which always gives him a feeling of empowerment. But this time she has has him steal a suit from his father’s tailor shop. This theft isn’t an act of disrespect toward his father’s shop. Instead, it acts as a method for Rudy to affix via his father with among his suits. In significance Liesel uncovered a method to provide him a gift from his lacking father. In the scene they connect in plenty of the playful mocking that characterizes their conversations, however by the finish that mockery has faded ameans. It’s a sincere minute they share, and though she doesn’t actually kiss Rudy, it’s clear Liesel desires to from her thoughts. The moment is the closest they’ve been hence far in the novel.

The story Liesel receives from Max is fundamentally a parable about the power of words and also it mirrors just how they’ve been a refuge for Liesel and Max. It starts through Hitler realizing that with words he can take over the people, and also that he decided words, as opposed to weapons or money or political power, argues words are the most effective pressure tright here is. The words take on the develop of seeds in the story, and also these seeds thrive into what are basically word trees that fill world through ideas and symbols—in other words, Nazi belief. What’s noteworthy is that there’s a class of human being who are basically outside this system, the word shakers, that acknowledge the power of words. Liesel, according to Max, is among these, and a tear that she sheds creates its very own word tree. Liesel provides this tree for sanctuary, and also in that picture Max is saying that the understanding and love Liesel bears for words, born from her suffering (the tear), has provided her a refuge from the Nazi trees all approximately. Max is able to climb the tree in the story, indicating that he was also able to uncover some refuge from Nazism in Liesel’s words.

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