‘The Best Way to Find Yourself Is To Lose Yourself In The Service Of Others’ -Mahatma Gandhi (150 words)

Why the question:

Concern asked in UPSC Mains Examicountry 2020 GS-IV paper.

You are watching: “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Structure of the answer:


Begin by explaining the quote.


Elaborate upon how business is a defining and also fulfilling enterprise which deserve to assist you to check out that “you” are not delineated by an identification, yet characterized by capability, compassion, link and also love.

By seeing virtue as selflessness and also altruism and also doing well to others, we are most fundamentally ourselves. If we act selfishly, we are not acting as our true selves

Substantiate the over by offering examples.


Conclude by stressing why this quote is even more appropriate the ever before in the existing circumstances.

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economyDifferential sex proportion in IndiaDigitization of land also recordsDIRECTIVE WORDSDisaster ManagementDispute Redressal Mechanisms and Institutions.Distribution of PressureDiversification of work from farming to various other sectors is unavoidable for the stability of rural economic climate in IndiaDiversity in IndiaDiversity of IndiaDOCUMENTARIESDOWNLOADSDPSPsDrainage SystemDravidian LiteratureDry Tropical ForestsE-Governancee-Technology in the help of farmersEarly Childhood Care and EducationEarthquakesECIEclipses – Solar, LunarEconomic plans and also their impactEconomic relations through ChinaECONOMICSEconomics IssuesEconomics of Animal-RearingEconomy GS3EDITORIALSEDUCATIONEducation PoliciesEffects of globalization on Indian societyEffects of globalization on Indian-societyEffects of the Urban website traffic congestionElections in IndiaEmergency ProvisionsEmotional IntelligenceEnergyEnergy ResourcesENGLISH LITERATUREENVIRONMENTEnvironment and also EcologyEnvironment basicsENVIRONMENT DEGRADATION AND ISSUESENVIRONMENT POLLUTION AND CONTROLEonsErasErosionErosion by ice/glacierErosion by WaterErosion by windESSAYEssayEssay Challenges 2016ESSAY CHALLENGES 2017ESSAY CHALLENGES 2018ESSAY PERSPECTIVESESSAY TIPSESSAY WRITING CHALLENGEET in the ClassroomEthical worries in international connections and capital corpoprice governanceETHICSETHICS 70 DAYS PLANEthics and also Person InterfaceEthics, Morals and ReligionEthics, Morals and also ValuesExecutiveExternal forces & their impactExtremismFairs, Festivals and CraftFamily in Indian SocietyFAQs Prelims SeriesFarm Subsidies and MSPFaultingFeatures of Indian SocietyFinance CommissionFirst orderFiscal PolicyFluvial erosion and landcreates therefore formedFold mountainsFoldingFolding, Faulting, IsostasyFolk PaintingsFood processing and also associated industries in IndiaFOREIGN AFFAIRSForeign profession and also Internationwide organizationsForemainder EcosystemForemainder Policy and also Laws for Forest 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quality of life of elder persons and also protect their rightsMeasures essential for Urban FloodsMeasures taken Internationwide level to tackle Money LaunderingMeasures taken National level to tackle Money LaunderingMechanism of Formation of Indian MonsoonMedical Education in IndiaMEDICAL SCIENCEMedieval Indian HistoryMedieval School of SculptureMentorshipMethods of estimating National Income accountingMINDMAPSMineral ResourcesMiniature PaintingsMinistries and also Departments of the GovernmentMiscellaneousMISSION 2016MISSION 2017Mission 2018MOCK EXAMSModels of emotional intelligenceModern Indian HistoryMoist Tropical ForestsMonetary plan of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)Money LaunderingMoney industry instrumentsMontane Subtropical ForestsMontane Temperate ForestsMorality of Person Action – Essence, Determinants And ConsequencesMotions of the Earth and their effectsMotivationMountainsMughal Empire (Including later Mughals)NanotechnologyNational Commission for Scheduled CastesNational 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IndiaPlateausPMOPolitical parties in IndiaPolitical PoliciesPOLITICAL SCIENCEPolityPolity GS2Population and connected issuesPost Gupta AgePost Mauryan AgePottery tradition in IndiaPovertyPoverty and also developmental issuesPoverty and also unemploymentPowers & Functions, analysis and procedures to attend to any type of comes to relating to the complying with statutory, regulatory and also quasi-judicial bodiesPPP version for providing global health and wellness care in IndiaPrecipitation-forms & Types, Distribution Of RainfallPrehistoric periodPRELIMS – 2015PRELIMS 2014PRELIMS 2016PRELIMS 2017 REVISION TESTSPRELIMS 2018PRELIMS BOOSTERS 2018PRELIMS PAPER-IIPRELIMS SECURE-2014PRELIMS TEST SERIES 2016PRELIMS TEST SERIES 2018PRELIMS TEST SERIES 2019Prelims Test Series 2020PRELIMS TEST SERIES 2021Prelims Test Series 2022Prescertain and also Pressure beltsPressure groupsPrescertain Groups and Formal/Informal Associations and their Role in the Polity.Main Education in IndiaProbity in GovernanceProblems of elderly population in IndiaProblems pertaining to Healthtreatment sector in IndiaPromotion and Preservation of Indian HeritagePSYCHOLOGYPUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONPublic Distribution SystemPublic Education System in IndiaPublic or Civil Service Values and Ethics in Public AdministrationPuppetryQuedQUESTION PAPERSQUESTIONS AND ANSWERSQUESTIONS FOR MAINSQUIZ 2015-16QUIZ 2017QUIZ 2018Quiz 2019Rajasthani School of PaintingRajput statesRAJYA SABHA VIDEOSRecent actions taken to usher inclusive growth in the economic climate in the below domainsRecent ConceptsRecent advances in Indo-Pak relationsRecent advancements in PDSRecent launchesRefugee crisis in MyanmarRegionalismRegionalism in Indian contextRelief FeaturesReligionReligious Movements during Middle ages PeriodReport by the High-Level Committee to research the social, economic and educational problem of Muslims in India (Sachar Committee report)Resource mobilizationRESULTSREVISION MODULESRight to 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Minisattempt of Civil AviationSchemes under Ministry of Commerce & IndustrySchemes under Minisattempt of CommunicationSchemes under Minisattempt of Consumer AffairsSchemes under Minisattempt of CultureSchemes under Ministry of DefenceSchemes under Minisattempt of Earth SciencesSchemes under Ministry of EducationSchemes under Minisattempt of Electronics and also ITSchemes under Ministry of Environment & ForestsSchemes under Minisattempt of FinanceSchemes under Ministry of Food ProcessingSchemes under Ministry of Health and also Family WelfareSchemes under Ministry of Heavy IndustriesSchemes under Ministry of Home AffairsSchemes under Minisattempt of Homaking use of and Urban AffairsSchemes under Minisattempt of JalshaktiSchemes under Minisattempt of Labour & EmploymentSchemes under Minisattempt of MinesSchemes under Ministry of MSMESchemes under Minisattempt of New and also Renewable EnergySchemes under Minisattempt of Panchayat RajSchemes under Minisattempt of Petroleum and also NaturalSchemes under Ministry of PowerSchemes under Minisattempt of RailwaysSchemes under Ministry of Rural DevelopmentSchemes under Minisattempt of Science and also TechnologySchemes under Ministry of Skill breakthrough and EntrepreneurshipSchemes under Minisattempt of Social Justice and also EmpowermentSchemes under Ministry of TextilesSchemes under Minisattempt of TourismSchemes under Ministry of Tribal AffairsSchemes under Minisattempt of Womales and also Child DevelopmentSchemes under Miniattempt of Minority AffairsScholarship TestSCIENCEScience & TechnologyScience and also Technology GS3SculptureSecond OrderSecondary Education in IndiaSection377SecularismSecure – 2015SECURE – 2020SECURE – 2021SECURE 2016SECURE 2017SECURE 2018SECURE 2019SECURE HINDISECURE PRELIMS – 2015SECURE SYNOPSISSECURE SYNOPSIS – 2021SECURE-2014SECURITY ISSUESSELF STUDY PRELIMS+MAINS – 2015SELF-REVIEW GUIDELINESSeparation of Powers in between various organsSeparation of powers between miscellaneous organs conflict redressal mechanisms and also establishments.Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Rurban MissionHuge ProvisionsSlumsSocial empowermentSocial infrastructureSOCIAL ISSUESSocial JusticeSocial MediaSocial PoliciessocietySocio – Religious Recreate Movements in the 1nine and also 20th CE IndiaSOCIOLOGYSoilSoilsSoils | BiogeographySolar EnergySome investment models provided in India given that independenceSound Public Governance for Policy Formulation, Implementation and also EvaluationSources of Non-standard energySouthern DynastiesGap TechnologySTATIC QUIZStatutory, regulatory and various quasi-judicial bodiesStatutory, Regulatory and miscellaneous Quasi-judicial Bodies.STEP UPSteps Taken for Improvement of Agricultural Marketing in IndiaSTHIR2021Stock extransforms in IndiaSTRATEGY 2015Structure of HImalayasStructure of Indian economy: a brief overviewStructure, Composition of AtmosphereStructure, Organization and Functioning of theSufi MovementSupreme CourtSWAMITVA YojanaTaxation mechanism in IndiaTeacher Education in IndiaTECHNOLOGYTeesta river issue and River DisputesTemple ArchitectureTen years of DAY-NRLM: A crucial evaluationTerrorismTEST SERIESThe Extremist (1905-1920)The Reserve financial institution of India and also monetary managementThe Role of Communities in Forest ConservationThe Scheduled Tribes and also Other Classic Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006The Sixth Schedule of the ConstitutionThe Timescale DivisionThe Values and also Enablers of Sound Public GovernanceTheatreThree language formula in IndiaTidesToday ArticleTopicsTOPPERSTransgenderTransparencyTransport and also CommunicationTribal MovementsTribal womenTurkish conquest of IndiaTypes of funding marketTypes of CyclonesTypes of IPRTYPES OF MINERALSTypes of MountainsTypes of OrbitTypes of PrecipitationTypes of ReactorsTypes of WindsUNUncategorizedUnder-depiction in Higher educationUnemploymentUNIQUE ECOSYSTEMS- DEGRADATION AND MANAGEMENTUniversal Health CoverageUnscientific urbanization leading to Urban floodsUPDATESUPSCUPSC 2014UPSC 2017UPSC 2018UPSC 2019UPSC 2020UPSC IAS GS strategyUPSC IRupsc mains 2013upsc mains general studiesUPSC Mains GS StrategyUPSC PRELIMS BOOKSUPSC Previous Year Prelims QP – 2015UPSC Previous Year Prelims QP – 2016UPSC Previous Year Prelims QP – 2017UPSC Previous Year Prelims QP – 2018UPSC Previous Year Prelims QP – 2019UPSC Previous Year Prelims QP – 2020UPSC SYLLABUSUPSC-2015Urban FloodsUrban Local GovernmentUrban MobilityUrban PoorUrban SprawlUrbanisation and also Socio-Economic GrowthUrbanizationUrbanization their difficulties and also their remediesValue EducationVarious Cyber ThreatsVarious investment modelsVarious topic matters of Pundit Property in IndiaVedic AgeVIDEOSViolence/crime against WomenVolcanic landformsVolcanic mountainsVolcanismWaste ManagementWater PollutionWater ResourcesWater woes in Urban IndiaWaves and also TsunamisWeather & ClimateWeatheringwebinarweekfinish classesWEEKEND DEBATESWelfare SchemesWestern Moral ThinkersWestern philosophyWestern ideology and also Indian viewpoint concerned EthicsWhat Is an Orbit?WindsWomen and EducationWoguys and also financial inclusionWoguys and healthWoguys and also Skill DevelopmentWomales and Social MediaWOMEN EMPOWERMENTWoguys in AgricultureWoguys in IndiaWomales in Indian political systemWomen in Rural IndiaWomen in workforceWomen’s unpassist workWorld Climatic RegionsWorld Economic and Human being GeographyWorld GeographyWorld Geography InfrastructureWorld HistoryWorld War IWRITING TIPSYOJANA