That would be a "slogan".

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Slogan is brief phrase of a motto that is fairly memorable and striking and also it is used by miscellaneous teams or political parties in order to capture the attention of the audience. It is additionally provided in order to make their reason or idea much more memorable. A slogan also needs to be appealing to the audiences. 

A slogan is a expression expushing the aim of a group or a party. It is necessary here to note that the question is asking for a phrase not a full sentence. Slogans are short, quick, and also to the allude. They are provided to emphasis the audience"s attention without any kind of extraneous words.

Further Explanation


Slogans are typically supplied as a concentrated method to connect a group"s goal. We often deserve to watch these published on t-shirts, merchandise, or advertisements. Slogans are frequently provided for businesses and also non-earnings, yet they can be utilized by any kind of form of team. Sometimes household reunions will certainly have actually a slogan published on a t-shirt for each household member to commemoprice the occasion.

Common slogans are M&Ms - "Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.", De Beers - "A diamond is forever.", Marine Corps - "Semper Fi", and Verizon - "Can you hear me now?".

Other Types of Statements

Tright here are many kind of other types of statements that express the aims of a team or party. Mission statements are one instance. A mission statement is various than a slogan in that it is a complete and complete sentence. Typically it is a compound complicated sentence with many type of different components. It communicates the objectives of the entity and also might briefly state how it will achieve those purposes.

A vision statement is one more form of statement that an entity offers to interact its objective. It often focuses on the purposes of the entity for the future and also just how it will keep up with or innovate as new things become accessible.


This question is a well-known intersee question as it helps employers in specific fields to recognize whether or not the employee is acquainted with the correct terminology for the position. It is likewise a little different than an interviewer would intend since it"s not specifically about the interviewer. Be all set for a follow up regarding a slogan you might discover especially great, or one you might produce for yourself!

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Election Slogans

roses are red,

vioallows are black,

for what you said,

i hope you sit on a big fat tack.

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