When you add graphics to your document, Word permits you to ararray the graphics, so they are behind the message. In other words, the text shows up in front of the graphic. If you later have to make changes to the graphic in some means, you might not know specifically exactly how to select it when it is obscured by the text in your record.

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If the graphic is not completely spanned by text—possibly tbelow is a small corner of the graphic sticking out from behind the text—then you have the right to pick the graphic by ssuggest clicking on the portion that is not extended by message. However before, the most basic means to select a graphic—even if it is behind text—is to follow these steps:

Make sure the Home tab of the ribbon is shown.Click the Select tool (in the Editing group) and then choose Select Objects.Click on the graphic you want to select, without regard to any type of message that might be spanning it.

When you are done working through your graphics, make sure you again follow steps 1 and also 2 (to rotate it off), or push Esc. You must revolve off the Select Objects tool, otherwise you won"t have the ability to modify any kind of of the text in your document.

Wordsoimg.org is your resource for cost-reliable Microsoft Word training.(Microsoft Word is the most renowned word processing software in the people.)This tip (9297) uses to Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and also Word in Office 365. You deserve to discover a version of this guideline for the older menu interconfront of Word here: Selecting a Graphic that is Behind Text.

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