By Lindsay Strouse Last night on the seaboy finale at Taking The Stage, the students acquire prepared for the last time to display off their skills: the dance crew competition. After being denied to be in Tyler team, Carlton is ready to show him up through his own group’s regime. As for Tyler, he feels he’s learned every little thing he deserve to at SCPA and also wants to execute an additional movie. Emily Sones is turning 16 (sometimes I forobtain exactly how young


 By Lindsay Strouse Last night on Taking The Stage, the final hype is beginning to collection in for SCPA’s manufacturing of “Fame.” Even even more prevalent than the talk about the present is the talk about the civilization IN the present.  Emily still doesn’t understand that to believe around the rumors surrounding Ian’s fidelity. Anna promises to find out what she deserve to by talking to Kayla (the rumored “various other girl”). Homecoming is only a couple weeks amethod, so the girls are stressing out. Carlton is extremely


 by Lindsay Strousage  This week on Taking The Stage, Emily desires to talk via Tyler about what is going on with their connection. After him completely ignoring her at Ian’s Halloween party, I would certainly be pretty puzzled as well. Tyler isn’t also open about talking around what is and isn’t working through their relationship and also leads her to assume it’s over when he gets to Atlanta. When Tyler starts talking with his mommy about handling functioning on the movie and also SCPA’s Fame, she is a small worried he


 by Lindsay Strouse Ian is coming back via a vengeance this week on Taking The Stage. Last week, we experienced Adam percreate an extremely obvious tribute to Emily Sones and also Ian about exactly how a lot he disapproves of their relationship. Now it’s Ian’s revolve. He’s having a Halloween party and invites Adam so he, in addition to everyone else in the college, deserve to hear the roast he has actually all set. This could obtain awkward. Back at Tyler’s house, he gets the a lot of crucial phone call of his life. And it’s


 by Danae Young This week on Taking the Stage, Tyler auditions for Stomp the Yard 2 and everyone prepares for the “13th and also Broadway” present.  Tyler has a huge audition coming up for the movie Stomp the Yard 2 and also he is worried about his relationship with Emily Silber. Emily Sones invited Ian to the “13th and also Broadway” present as her day. She also told Ian about exactly how Adam doesn’t think she need to be dating Ian.  Adam told his frifinish Kenny that he

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About MTV"s Taking The Stage Seaboy 2
< Source : MTV Press Release > “TAKING THE STAGE”Conceptualized and also executive created by multi-platinum recording artist Nick Lachey (98 Degrees), “Taking The Stage” is a half-hour musical truth series collection at Cincinnati’s School For the Creative and also Perdeveloping Arts (SCPA) that adheres to some of the nation’s the majority of talented percreating arts students. In its second season, the present will certainly record the next generation of SCPA’s elite as they navigate their route to stardom.The Seakid Two actors of “Taking The Stage” is:Tyler Nelson: Tyler returns to SCPA this year as a senior. No longer satisfied with simply being the finest hip-hop dancer in the school, Tyler is looking to obstacle himself as a performer and come to be a talented actor and singer as well. Not just will certainly Tyler have to press himself as an artist, he’ll face competition from the brand-new youngsters – particularly Carlton – that is out to dethrone Tyler as the #1 dancer in the school. Tyler’s from among the most dangerous neighborhoods in the UNITED STATE and his goal this year is to end up being a expert dancer in order to acquire out of Cincinnati and also to administer a far better life for his family. When Tyler gets the audition of a life time – a function in a major feature film – it’s his one possibility to make all of his dreams come true.Emily Sones: Emily is an SCPA sophoeven more and also a singer/songwriter who supplies her music to express herself emotionally. Emily overcame an eating disorder and frequently transforms to her songcreating in order to vent, as it’s her method of informing the civilization everything that she feels. Emily desires to be a experienced singer/songwriter and also is hoping SCPA will give her the devices she requirements to make that dream a fact. One of the toughest obstacles for Emily will be the boy drama that erupts when she finds herself in the middle of a love triangle via 2 of the new males in college.

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Emily Silber: Emily Silber is Broadmethod bound. A disciplined and also incredibly talented dancer, Emily wishes to become a experienced performer after graduation. Already a respected hip-hop dancer in Cincinnati, Emily will prove to be a rival (and love interest) for Tyler at the school. In spite of her huge talents, Emily struggles through “body image” concerns. She’ll have to overcome her own insecurities and also distractions from boys in order to reach her skilled dreams.Adam Calvert: Like Mia last year, Adam is a driven singer/songwriter with his sights set firmly on success. After years of being residence schooled, Adam has left the protection of his small town in Kentucky to pertained to the “huge city” and also surround himself through talented civilization and also flourish as a performer. Being good-looking and also naturally charismatic, Adam will certainly also be the center of many crushes at SCPA. He automatically catches the eye of shy sophoeven more and fellow singer/songwriter, Emily Sones.Carlton Totten: Carlton’s goal in life is to be the following Marlon Brando: nopoint brief of a film legend. With talents in acting, singing and dancing, Carlton is a triple risk and will be a primary rival to Tyler at SCPA, both in college auditions and also for the attention of the school’s girls. Carlton involves SCPA a little uncertain of himself because he hasn’t had as much formal training as the various other students. Carlton felt push to be a “jock” at his old college and he’s excited to be in a location where being a performer is revered and also he deserve to focus on boosting his craft, via really hopes of someday overcoming Hollytimber.Anna Flinchbaugh: Anna is a talented dancer that was diagnosed via severe Scoliosis and also was required to have actually two titanium rods put into her spine. The surgical procedure affected Anna’s dancing considerably, as it resulted in some restrictions in her motion and versatility. In spite of this obstacle, Anna works previous the pain and also prides herself on her ballet abilities. Anna is a devout Christian and also is saving herself for marital relationship. When sparks fly in between Anna and Carlton, it not only jeopardizes her relationship with her boyfriend, Mike, but likewise tests her Christian morals.Ian Watts: With Ian, we’ll be witnessing the birth of a skilled rapper. Ian is a born entertainer and also propelled in his pursuit to become a rap star. Ian competes in rap battles in Cincinnati and also has already released his own CD. Ian will certainly collaboprice through Tyler in hip-hop performances this year and earn the attention of a respected rapper, which can be his ticket to a recording contract.Mia Carruthers: After being rejected by Jive Records, Mia is still pursuing her desires of acquiring a document contract, however rather of trying to make it as a solo artist she has actually shifted direction and also developed a band. Alengthy with Aaron, Mia’s brand-new band also is already playing packed gigs and also building a loyal fan base in Cincinnati. Mia has relocated out of her parents’ house and also currently resides through the remainder of the band also. With a document producer planning to record an EP of the band’s music, Mia should navigate this new “shared” artistic environment and also band dynamic. Also, for the first time Mia will assume an instructional role as soon as she is asked to go back to SCPA to teach a Songwriting Class entailing some of the new students at school.

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“Taking The Stage” is conceptualized and also executive developed by multi-platinum recording artist and actor Nick Lachey (former member of 98 Degrees, “Charmed,” NBC’s “Clash of the Choirs”), an SCPA graduate, based on his own suffer attending the college. Colton Gramm, Mark Ford & Kevin Lopez and also Marc Platt also serve as executive producers for the series. Liz Gateley and Heather Olander serve as executive producers of the series for MTV.


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