Tright here are 2 kinds of collectibles in almost every Super Mario Odyssey kingdom: power moons and coins. And tright here are 2 kinds of coins: regular gold coins that you deserve to find and also spfinish everywhere and also kingdom-specific purple coins. In this overview, we’ll show you the locations of eincredibly kingdom coin in the Lake Kingdom. (Check out our overview to the Lake Kingdom’s power moons to find every one of those.)

There are 50 coins to collect in the Lake Kingdom.

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Lake Kingdom coins map

Nintenperform through We’ve damaged the purple coins into 15 sets and also numbered them all to correspond to the map above. Follow the numbers, and also you deserve to collect them all in one constant loop, beginning near the Odyssey and ending close to the boss battle area.

1-5: Starting area
Grid View

1. The first set is directly behind the Odyssey as soon as it lands.

2. Hop into the water and also swim a tiny northeast. Look for the zipper on the lakebed, then open up the rectangular location. These 3 coins are underneath.

3. Continue northwest to the trampoline in the corner of the pond. Jump up to the open up area on your ideal — wbelow the moon rock is (or was). There are 3 pillars in the wall. Remove them to obtain at an additional set of 3 coins.

4. Hop back into the water and cross in front of the building. There’s a zipper in the wall just to left. Open it to reveal an area wbelow you can wall jump approximately three even more coins.

5. Use the trampoline in the middle of the pond to hop as much as the ledge, then unzip the floor to disclose the entrance to the Underwater Entrance. (If this is your initially time right here, this is the method you have to go to acquire to the Water Plaza.) As shortly as you gain to the bottom, revolve approximately to uncover these four coins directly behind you.

6: Courtyard
Grid View

6. Get to the Courtyard. If you’ve currently cleared this kingdom, you can simply walk up the stairs (like in the first image in the gallery above). If this is your initially time below, go with the Underwater Entrance, then revolve left and also look for a trampoline up to the Courtyard. Once tbelow, stack up every one of the Goombas you deserve to discover. Walk your stack to the southeastern corner of the Courtyard to uncover a ledge through 4 more coins.

7-11: Courtyard to Water Plaza
Grid View

7. From the Courtyard, store alengthy the southerly edge of the lake as you begin westward. Watch for a trampoline up to an 8-little bit pipe (wright here you deserve to collect moon 14). Head all the method to the left, then via the hole in the wall to uncover these coins.

8. Drop right into the lake aobtain, then continue a small even more to the west. Just past the bubble where you have the right to get moon 20, look for some wood posts in the wall. Remove one of them to get at these 3 coins.

9. Swim around the back side of the Water Plaza. These coins are on the surconfront of the water behind the column that leads approximately the roof.

10. If you’re already cleared this kingdom, you can simply hop onto the trampoline alongside you to acquire to the roof location. If this is your first time via, you’ll need to get to the roof by going through the inside of the Water Plaza. On the appropriate (or south) side of the roof, beside the P-Switch are 3 more coins.

11. Head dvery own inside the Water Plaza to the Water Plaza Display Window flag (it’s next to the shop). Look throughout the front of the Water Plaza to find these coins. There’s a very narrowhead ledge you deserve to cross to collect them.

12-15: North side of the lake
Grid View

12. Head back to the roof location of the Water Plaza. Turn to the left (or north). There’s a zipper approximately a tiny square on the wall ahead of you. Open it as much as find four coins.

13. Use the trampoline next to you to jump over to the ledge north of you. Use the next trampoline to obtain right into the red door. This is the challenge area where you get moons 24 and also 25. Shimmy alengthy the ledge to the left at the second wall (where the two yellow blocks slide earlier and forth). This will lead you about to the back of the wall wbelow you’ll discover 3 coins.

14. Once you’re done through the red door challenge area, head directly eastern to the next platcreate. These four coins are sitting out in the open on the ledge.

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15. Drop into the lake one last time, then swim roughly the north side of the round boss fight platdevelop. These three coins are right listed below the surchallenge.

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