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X Drops by Squidward"s House refers to a clip from Spongebob Squarepants in which Squidward is taking a bath once Spongebob and also Patrick burst right into Squidward"s bathroom. The clip is from episode 63, Have You Seen This Snail? (a.k.a. Where"s Gary?). The clip came to be an exploitable in which other characters burst in on Squidward.


In the original episode, which aired November 11th, 2005,<1> Spongebob and his frifinish, Patrick Star, are trying to find Spongebob"s pet snail, Gary, that has actually run off. Squidward, is taking a bubble bath and hears the 2 yelling. He sticks his head out the home window and also states to himself, "What are those Neanderthals up to?! Don"t they understand I"m busy spoiling myself?" Spongebob and also Patrick then barge right into Squidward"s bathroom, scaring him. Upon their entry, Squidward starts screaming (shown below).


On October 2fifth, 2009, a number of examples of the exploitable were posted to YouTube on that day, including "Weegee drops by Skwid"s house," which obtained over 550,000 views. In the summary for the video, user Ravage656 asserted they were the originator of the meme (displayed below).

Ravage656 also uploaded this template video, entitled "WTF Squidward!?", on October 2fifth, 2009, acquiring over 530,000 views (shown below).

Smash Resurgence

In February of 2019, the format had actually a renaissance on Twitter in the Super Smash Brothers area. On February 1sixth, Twitter user
OneMagicalIvory tweeted an example of the clip utilizing King DeDeDe"s attacks from Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, obtaining over 19,000 retweets and also 56,000 likes (displayed below).

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