Here"s wbelow to spray a fountain, a junkyard crane and also a vfinishing machine in "Fortnite: Battle... <+> Royale".

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Credit: Epic / Erik Kain

Fortnite is ago for a 2nd week of Seaboy 10 (X) challenges, which are currently additionally called goals. The Spray & Pray mission bundle went liveyesterday and also has a fresh batch continual and prestige obstacles.

This seakid, Epic Games is releasing themed mission bundles instead of the even more generic weekly difficulties, and restricted time free obstacles for non-Battle Pass owners. One of the Spray & Pray difficulties this week work players with spraying a Fountain, a Junkyard Crane and a Vending Machine. Doing this will net you 10 Battle Stars and also unlock a brand-new mission.

This week"s goals are all centered approximately the Tilted Teknique skin—a graffiti artist that has been leaving her mark all across Fortnite"s map.

(You deserve to watch wright here to uncover 5 shed spraycans best here).

The theme of this week"s challenges is basically to join up through Teknique and leave some tags on various locations roughly the map. Here"s wright here to spray a Fountain, a Junkyard Crane and a Vfinishing Machine:

The Fountain

Update:Initially I only consisted of the Mega Mall fountain in this post (not remembering the various other fountain on the map). This is a trouble now because Mega Mall has been reput, at least for the moment being, by the Rift Zone Retail Row. In other words, that fountain is no longer available.

Thanktotally, tbelow is another fountain, this one in Lazy Lagoon:

In any situation, this is wright here you"ll want to go for this portion of the difficulty.

If tbelow were still a Mega Mall its fountain would be best here:

Junkyard Crane

You"ll discover the junkyard crane in—wbelow else?—Junk Junction, in the southwestern edge of that called location:

Finally, you"ll should spray a Vfinishing Machine. Tbelow are Vending Machines anywhere the map—some blue, some purple, some gold. Any of these will do just fine. Sindicate spray one and also you"ll complete this challenge. I won"t bore you through a map of Vending Machine locations, however right here are some good, trustworthy spots to find them:

Just southern of The Block. In Paradise Palms across the street from the high-increase structure. In Pleasant Park at the southerly end of the soccer area. At Loot Lake on the dock beneath the ranger tower. In Haunted Hills simply beneath the significant church. In Salty Springs close to the gas station—which is an additional spray challenge. At the northern finish of Snobby Shores.

All these areas will certainly perform, yet frankly you"ll stumble on sufficient of these that you do not really need a overview. Spray one once you discover it (prior to browsing it) and wrap this challenge up.

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