Finals are over, and that suggests it"s time to gear up for summer. Summer is complete of so many methods including: laying out by the pool, going to the beach, traveling the nation or people, late-night drives with the windows down, campfires via friends, interning through an awesome company in a new city and also finding that summer love.

Summer is a time to start over, to redevelop yourself and to have fun. Summer is a time to endure the brand-new and also let go of the past semester. No matter what your summer holds, you require a well crafted playlist of songs to back up your experiences. You require songs to jam late at night in your automobile and also songs around finding love. A well-arisen summer playlist must incorporate feel good pop, if you ask me. With that being sassist, I have come up with my right summer 2016 playlist, complete of throwago songs and brand-new, fun pop songs. Listen up.

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1. Cake by the Ocean- DNCE

Have you heard Joe Jonas has a brand-new band? They"re called DNCE and are blowing up entertainment media. I initially heard this song throughout a New Years Eve event. Joe had actually teal hair and his band also rocked the display. If having actually cake by the sea doesn"t scream summer, then what does?

2. Victorious- Panic! At The Disco

What I favor around this song, this album overall, is the power. Victorious is the opening track to Panic!"s brand-new album. It packs so a lot power right into a three-minute song. I choose to drive around during the day blaring this song out of my automobile. This is a party anthem that"s perfect for summer.

3. Ocean Avenue- Yellowcard

If you do not automatically think of The golden state and summer once listening to this song, what are you doing through your life? The song is over ten years old currently and also still reigns as one of the ideal summer songs.

4. The Beach- All Time Low

Transitioning into this song fits perfectly. All Time Low are well-known for crafting well written fun songs. Like Alex Gaskarth sings, "They"ll never before never before never take the summer from me."

5. Best Day of My Life- American Authors

Keep the power alive via this feel excellent song. I love this song from the Amerihave the right to Authors because its so positive and also any day this summer COULD be the best day of your life. Feel good summer songs are my favorite.

6. Thunder- Boys Like Girls

Slow points down via this song. "Thunder" is for the summer loves that you found yet didn"t last come the end of August. This song is for finding summer love and reliving those memories. Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer.

7. Miles Away- The Maine

Continuing with the more mellow songs, listen to this one from The Maine. Its simply an additional feel good song written around summer and also the adendeavors John had on the West Coast.

8. Confident- Demi Lovato

This playlist wouldn"t be finish without a powerful female anthem. What better one to fit the summer design template than "Confident"? Eextremely female must feel confident around themselves no matter what they carry out this summer. This song packs the power and motivates listeners.

9. Kiss Me- New Found Glory

Here"s one more throwback for you. To me, this is another perfect summer love song.

10. She Looks So Perfect- 5 Seconds of Summer

This was THE song of the summer for me in 2014. I loved this song from the MOMENT I heard it. The song is fun, youthful, energetic and still one of the best songs 5SOS will certainly ever before release. This was one of the best songs of summer and requirements to be carried ago.

11. Shut Up and also Dance- Walk The Moon

I remember hearing this song for the initially time last summer at a Belmont frat party in Nashville. Its one of those memorable songs that you simply can not help however love and also dance to. Listen to this song at parties and driving around in your automobile.

12. Punch-Drunk Love- The Summer Set

Bringing earlier an additional older song from The Summer Set. This is the perfect upbeat summer party song. Listen to this all night long through your friends. Find summer flings via this song. Enjoy the youthful energy of it.

13. Teenager In Love- Neon Trees

Neon Trees has crafted a perfect pop love song. This is for the teenagers falling in love for the first time this summer or the nostalgia you feel when thinking around your first love.

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14. Bad Blood- Taylor Swift

Would any type of summer playlist be complete without a TSwift song? No, of course not.

15. A.M.- One Direction

Picking which One Direction song to round out this playlist with was extremely tough. They have actually so many type of fun, upbeat songs that are perfect for summer anthems. But, I chose "A.M." because if you listen to the song, it talks about conversations made in the A.M. These are the conversations you have sitting up all night throughout the summer. These are the moments that define your summer in small yet effective ways. The night has a method of transdeveloping us, particularly in the summer. End your playlist with this, it provides all the difference.