I have to say, I"m enjoying the "Team Stage vs. Team Street" elements of So You Think You Can Dance a lot more than I supposed to this seachild. It"s producing a feeling of community and also urgency as super talented yet extremely specialized dancers learn various other layouts. One of my favorites, JJ from Team Street, looks totally various currently than when we initially experienced her — remember Jessica Rabone"s So You Think You Can Dance Seaboy 12 audition?

Each week, Rabone has actually melted right into the various layouts and aesthetics that have been thrown at her in competition. She"s just been in risk as soon as and made it to the Top 10. Her modernized pin-up girl dance last week via Kate Harpootlian wasn"t her ideal (it had so much potential, too) but she"s quickly one of the favorites in this competition. In her audition, you deserve to view that J.J. is insecure about the shadow that having a renowned sister in Japan has actually inserted her in, yet this is no much longer the instance. Both in dancing and also in her success on So You Think You Can Dance she has actually blossomed through confidence.

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Jessica Rabone has actually talked about her nerves in interviews, yet if she"s scared in performance we certainly can not tell. Let"s look back at how her So You Think You Can Dance journey began.

How cute is she? Her costumes have been more stylzed and also feminine on the display, however I love the cute, sporty Beetlejuice look she put together for the audition. JJ"s waacking program at the audition lugged dvery own the house, and Nigel compared her to performer and also choreographer Toni Basil, who Rabone had actually trained with prior to. It"s telling that JJ is such a favorite, considering the reality that the method this seachild is structured — she"s only acquired to stand out in duets freshly. The trio numbers are fun, however it"s challenging to emphasis on individual dancers and not just let the performance soak in your brain.

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This audition really provides you a great look at Jessica Rabone"s power and also quirky personality that she brings to the present. It"s likewise fascinating to hear Paula Abdul and Nigel Lythgoe ask that she gain a bigger dance vocabulary. Since joining So You Think You Can Dance, the Top 10 dancer has actually nailed both ballroom and also jazz. It appears that either JJ is a super fast learner, she she possibly had some keys up her sleeve.

The one thing that hasn"t adjusted given that JJ"s audition? Her signature topknots — which have actually even been styled into some of their costumes. Which is fitting, bereason on So You Think You Can Dance she"s additionally on top!