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WAAAAYYYYY earlier in January, I remember Scurrently On Tha Bluff standing out amongst the Slamdance Film Festival lineup as among the more puzzling films. Much like Catfish at Sundance the year previous, director Damon Russell’s raw look at the life and times of career criminal Curtis Scurrently has drawn inquiries of fact from those looking out for such things. I think this case is slightly different considering the reality that the film was listed as component of the festival’s dramatic narrative competition. Still, Russell has continued to be rather ambiguous around whether or not this film can be classified as ‘non-fiction’, claiming in the offiicial press kit that they “have actually been advised by legal counsel that in order to protect ourselves and also everyone in the film, we must not divulge this information.” Based on the synopsis, I have the right to see why:

SNOW ON THA BLUFF is the story of, Atlanta robbery boy and crack dealer, Curtis Scurrently who steals a electronic camera from some college youngsters in a dope deal and starts documenting his life. At first, it’s organization as usual for Curt. He robs dope boys, he runs from the cops, and he sells drugs, all while trying to carry out for his baby momma and 2-year-old son. But when one of the drug dealers he ripped off comes earlier for revenge, things in Curt’s life spirals out of manage.

So…is it real? Based on the trailer, it appears pretty clear that the film contains a mix of staged and true events. The only genuine question it raises for me is whether or not to write-up the trailer here or over at Film Junk. For the sake of subverting documentary expectations and also founding a conversation, I made a decision this was the place to execute it. You deserve to find out more info around the film at the official website. Go ahead and share your thoughts on the trailer in the comments area.



On 04.09.11 Allen Cadwell said:

I’m constantly interested in movies that are various. This film absolutely fits the bill. I’m curious to know wright here I have the right to purchase this?

On 04.09.11 Rya said:

My frifinish witnessed this film at Slamdance, he sassist the story was surprisingly good! incredibly real, he’s from ATL, told me this movie is just one of a kind once it concerns illustrating just how it really is down tright here in the hood

On 04.09.11 Ryan Docguy said:

I’d favor to check out a follow up on this one, intercheck out via the people who are behind this flick.

On 04.09.11 Maria said:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. OMG, that dude curtis remind me of an old friend I had. hahahaahah

On 04.13.11 Android 0.1 said:

looks fun

On 04.14.11 Sam7 said:

HOLY GANGSTERS BATMAN! this looks cool

On 04.17.11 Mandy said:

omg, is it real? thats why i don’t buy drugzzz in ATL!

On 04.28.11 Drew Minnes said:

When does this come out on DVD? Who’s got the link? Curtis Scurrently looks to be a wild individual, where’d they acquire the machinegun!?

On 05.03.11 bizness said:

I kno curt and the rest of the actors personally like we went to college together we ran the roads together me and also blo rap together and I deserve to honestly tell u I don’t kno as soon as they actin and when shit obtain genuine lol good task bra tonio would be proud of u bra zone1 simpcollection 5th ward bluff vine city $ drive we all in here

On 05.04.11 Jacob said:

Fascinating take on the gangster genre.

On 05.14.11 R20 said:

GREAT MOVIE, I was really intrigued after I heard about it on the radio in the morning, watched the movie, and I was shocked. It’s incredibly badass and also I think the filmequipments did a great project at lug this film alive.

On 06.06.11 Jy said:

THIS MOVIE WAS DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On 06.17.11 Pill said:

wats happenin curtis snow, congrats on yo movie

On 07.06.11 Cah111 said:

He seems to walk the walk. I’m going to look out for this film.

On 07.10.11 Herberh said:

This movie shines light on a area of society that many kind of neglect, is this really a documentary? Or is this a calling card for violence? What is it? Hybrid documentary? Narrative? It kinda scares me, I’m wondering if they acquired in trouble making this film…. I wouldn’t let my youngsters view this movie.

On 08.25.11 ya said:

I captured this film in New york city, at the NY LATINO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, it was dope.

On 11.06.11 WHITY said:

DAMN Looks dope !! WHere deserve to I buy this? plzz article a link !

On 11.15.11 IsleyBrothers said:


I’m really loving this movies poster, it’s gangsta.

On 06.19.12 Hazy said:

Well, it’s difficult to say if it’s real. Years back i experienced an extremely similar movie called “Gang tapes”. The start is virtually the very same. A couple of black men rob a household driving via a wrong community. One of them takes the camera and use it the remainder of the movie to capture certain stuff and aspects.

On 06.20.12 asjflkasjf said:

The just genuine factor a lot of people will certainly find Curtis Snow interesting is because he’s intelligent. Intelligent males who are ‘trapped in thug/street life’ always stand out as fascinating. Unfortunately, he’s still terribly ignorant, and woecompletely unconscious of his phenomonal potential. Very exciting and also very sad.

On 07.01.12 yan said:

simply finish watching love it carried back many old memory love to discover other comparable movies if anyone has actually any type of suggestion it be apreciated thx

On 07.09.12 Boogie said:

I obtained the movie and I swear I watch it a million times. Snow definitely did his thing….substantial ups to tha bluff! Im waitin for a part 2, Snow is a real g and I gotta give hom his props. If this film is genuine I sfinish my condolences to his family members for the loss of his baby momma.

On 07.09.12 amber said:

I loved this movie! My totality family watched it! It retained me guessing! Good job mad props.

On 07.14.12 mike clark said:

The movie/documentary was exceptionally interesting . Curtis reminded me of cshed peeps of mine from the streets .I thought eincredibly component in the movie was actual reason it fire dvery own in eextremely hood. Big just how Curtis Snow

On 07.22.12 aja said:

I’m watching the movie while I’m posting this. This is like my 5th Time watching thisIts Crazy yet true these are things that are really happening in ourHoods. He was robbing and also shooting……….and also then karma caught him offGaurd. Now there’s an additional child via one Parent.

On 07.24.12 deemerf said:

Overall nothing to love or hate around this. Star ratings can’t be applied right here. I felt all human eactivities watching this one. It’s a look at the civil war happening everyday in our American highways. I’m reading these post, and check out just how some civilization are disassociated. I pray this won’t be just entertainment for anyone and that this manufacturing won’t be in vain.

On 07.28.12 teezy said:

this sh1t difficult. wake up world this type stuff is happening in your hood or down the street from yo big
ss home.

On 07.31.12 Jr ray said:

It’s on Netflix!

On 08.01.12 Moya said:

It extremely actual I’m from the same hood and his baby moms did acquire murked!

On 08.03.12 b said:

I live in the bluffs, this shit is real day-to-day activity no joke

On 08.05.12 derrick said:

Hard 2 watch. More emotional than the Wire. As a father of 2 sons 3 and also 1 i concern about them constantly. And am proud i moved my family members to the sububs in a gated community. But I’m not naieve i understand drama happens everywhere. Not sure if this is genuine or not yet the reality reprimary s it does occur.

On 08.05.12 jsc said:

I watch this on Netflix!! Awesome movie!

On 08.05.12 LB said:

Excellent portrayal of components of ATL. I used to be an ICU nurse in ATL and also worked at Grady in the Rape Dilemma Center. This type of violence and behavior is actual and also widespread.

On 08.11.12 Dee said:

This movie was exceptional, when I began watching it I shelp to myself this is what going on in many inner city areas, this is actual life world.Everyone must view this and also wake up.By the way I witnessed it on Netflix.

On 08.12.12 Philly said:

Niggas favor this provide us a poor name…

On 08.13.12 sunshine said:

trapping in the burbs, basic.

On 08.13.12 Melissa said:

I have this movie SNOW ON THE BLUFF, the stuff that be going on execute be happening in different component in eincredibly state! But i feel they did so much wrk on this flim to make it look like he is actually recording right then n tright here choose as he really stole dat recorder.. I love this movie n they did a wonderful job.. I KNW HE WOULDN’T RECORD HIM SELF killing ANY ONE N USING DRUGS so dat crackaZ can uncover it n lock his ass fa life!

On 08.13.12 Melissa said:

The part when he gt lock up n did 4 months n den shelp da crackaz tlkin bout providing hym 5 years, i feel da movie was videotaped before or after he did 5 yrs cuz if u look hym up on Atlanta correction he did gt 5 n da charges was on wat he said dey wntd hym fa

On 08.15.12 young slim said:

snow on tha bluff, among tha realist movies i ever viewed. i put it in tha catagory through “shottas”. good film through raw information and i crazy cuz its like that in west atlanta foreal tho. i hope curt obtain amount money develop doing tha documentary.

On 08.17.12 Butta said:

I thought the beggining and end of the film was obviously staged in its entirety i thought the movie was nonfiction bc i dont knw too many kind of criminals that dont question why someone wants to film them…via that being said i dont think anyone would publish their very own death wish

On 08.17.12 Butta said:

sorry correction that was intend to say i thought the film was FICTION!

On 08.17.12 Tlo goon said:

The movie was unbelieveable I just wonna kno that that w was it a actual movie or based on a true story stuff favor that goes down in saint louis missouri every day saint louis and atlanta have actually alot in common curtis scurrently remind me of among my home boys a lot love and also sorry for the loss

On 08.23.12 fivelights said:

Just the simple truth that I check out every single one of these comments and Im STILL uncertain if its fiction or nonfiction renders this a wonderful have to watch movie.

On 08.24.12 vulcha smooth305 said:

dog dis shit flegislation fuck curtis scurrently take dat shit to miami bet u won’t rob nobody from there yo ass gain kill 3times fuckin wit miami da film was fake y’all. can’t view or here dat shit don’t make sense inconsistant story don’t match UP come too da beanz wit dat shit u watch it on a&e 305 bitch

On 08.24.12 king STL said:

This is some real shit i fucks wit dude tha lengthy method it took a actual perkid to film wat goes on in tha trap….. yes this is actual alot of editing…..if u pay attention at the begining of the film he shelp this is wright here my baby mama acquired killed so yes alot of it is renact but its a great fact and also for niggas talkin bout u check out my hood on cnn or a&e yes we perform because the Heat play there….

On 09.03.12 Realness said:


On 09.13.12 Flowwa said:


On 09.25.12 DaChef said:

This movie is as excellent as City of God in compariboy to other gritty,raw street tales. I was born and also raised an East side resider,the Bluff has always had actually a reputation for this type of activity. The film touched me in even more means than one because so many type of loved ones,loved ones and also friends of mine have been”around this life”….that footage rings true for far as well many kind of inner city Atlanta residents. Two thumbs up….street certified.

On 10.30.12 Tyler Seven said:

This movie is actual you idiots, the director can’t release if its actual or not bereason if he says it is genuine Curtis and all his friends are subject to eextremely crime commited in the movie.

On 12.08.12 Blssdkuzikare said:

Well I must say this video put me n line. Im frm 912 n I knw y ma fam frm but dam i cried kuz it hurt hurt n u knw if u knw wats real n wats not however u knw u knw wats genuine.. Bulallows are genuine. Praying for th children kuz we all begin that means.he was born like this. Crack kills n sux kuz everyone that knws bouthis is touched n sadden buy shed of life that never checked out it endured the the majority of baby n baby ma dam. Truly touched.

On 12.12.12 Jay said:

While there is little doubt about the validity of the personalities and also the area, this is still a movie. It straddles the line in between documentary and drama.

It’s actually similar to an additional “stolen camera” movie that was set in Los Angeles.

On 12.16.12 L Thomas said:

Great movie. I was on the edge of my seat. I can’t really tell what is real or faked. It is emotional, entertaining, explosive. Thought provoking look into reality. I will certainly recommfinish this film. I look forward to more choose it.

On 12.19.12 lmae said:

I experienced this and also it showed up extremely actual. If it is actual, my heart goes out to the youngsters. I hope that Curtis finds a better method in life for him and his child and break that cycle. It appears to me that they are just trying to make it through and also that’s all they recognize be-cuz that’s what they have actually all flourish up via. I’m not a head doc or anypoint choose that, I just deserve to sheight from my very own endure. All those children you viewed in that video, that’s their future. Until someone is solid sufficient to break the cycle of that lifestyle. Good luck to you and all yours.

On 12.26.12 kandy*Land also said:

I watch’d this movie twice.. im luv’n tha way curtis talk tho.. but im a little confused :::i wanna kno is this some triLL shit or not if it is what tha fck happn to “SNOW” Like di this foo relocate on wit his Life or What ?? !!!

On 01.05.13 Marlon said:

Tbelow is absolutely NOTHING great about this movie —- at all — and the attempts to organize it up as some job-related of art are utterly ridiculous. Curtis Snow and also civilization favor him are damaging neighborhoods filled through people who just want to live in tranquility (to actually occupational real tasks and wake up to their households in the morning). Cutting drugs and cussing in front of kids; excessive drinking and also drug use; robbery and also murder — it’s all carry out depushing. And, I don’t desire to hear that it’s just a ‘means of life’ on the bluff bereason its clearly the “way of death”.

Why these young woguys decided to get affiliated in this life is equally disturbing. They make babies via D-boys understanding that its an development into a horrible life that could leave the mommy dead (perhaps also the babies) and also in the worst scenario possible, the babies are left to be elevated by drug dealers that are not just unprepared/unqualified to be fathers, however have NO DESIRE to be “real” fathers.

My hope is that this will reason the city of Atlanta to job-related harder to clean up that area (about Clark Atlanta). People are sending their kids to college in the middle of drugs and also violence. Awful. IF YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE – DON’T BUY IT…. STEAL IT!!! Isn’t that what “snow” would do? (yes, that was purposely hypercritical and also ironic)

On 03.06.13 Uncalled said:

Camara angles as well clean some seines too coincidental and noticeable set ups in my opinion at least %80 of this film was staged and also perhaps all of it. For instance just how did a little video 8mm video cam catch the audio in the meeting in the parking lot. Also why when Curtis got swarm did the gun male completely overlook the guy filming? Also in the finish you can entirely watch the put up as soon as the video camera focus on the the car turning on the head lights in an obvious conclusion to a timeless follow and automobile chase in the majority of activity movies. First sene is also an obvious put up also. The white youngsters sound as staged as rookie actors probably from the local collage. Also the sene when Curtis is mourning in the bed room who is filming? I contact fiction.

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On 04.28.13 Af said:

Great movie it doesnt really matter, if its real or not however the reality is hoods does exist and everyone hregarding eat. Give it 10/10 ON the same scale as city of god. MUST WATCH

On 08.16.13 slidik said:

Deez reviews fake all of em bout da very same in format noslang or nun

On 02.17.14 901 snowflake said:

I grew up in Memphis. In grade college, I was fascinated and also intrigued by the alentice of ‘thug-life.’ What a foolish son I was. And what it price me was any kind of opportunity of being what I know I’m capable of doing. Tright here are no physicians, registered nurses, or lawyers through a criminal record. These people, rolemodels, make massive money because they worked DAMNED tough and also lengthy for it; the legal, morally correct, socially fertile, and also beneficial method. What this film was to me, fiction or non, was 90 of the the majority of depushing minutes I’ve ever before sat via. Talk around a dejecting walk down misery, memory lane. It is a stark reminder of the truth that tbelow still are, unfortunately, big teams of world who TRULY carry out not care about their neighbor, family, friends. The miserable cumulative teaming-up is self serving just, and bereason of that utter and also finish selfishness many kind of resides are disrupted, damaged, and also inevitably shed. Filming, originality, grit, etcetera, be damned; this is one of the saddest films I’ve ever watched. What’s worst around this? All the comments over. Ghettos insurance claim that the guy holds them earlier. True to a particular extent in the previous. Nowdays the just point maintaining this cycle going is a finish absence of caring for one an additional. Inconsideration and also selfishness. Refusal to take the long road home. I pray for an finish to all this sadness, loss, and untimely death. Unfortunately it is sindicate going to save on and also on until those that are in this situation make the individual decision to break the cycle. No one said it basic. I am a testament to that reality. It has actually taken me well over ten years of HARD occupational to gain to wbelow I am this day. I don’t have much BUT, I testify as well that it is feasible to gain out and above the affect. Be mad that I’m inputting the fact. I hope it stings like a bee. Brutal honesty is reality in interaction. That being sassist, allow me this parting quote, “Tright here is NOTHING easy on this planet that is worth doing or celebrating.” Take the high road, break this cycle of heartache and also tragedy.