Of all the negative aftermath from years of cannabis prohibition, one of the most dangerous is the rise of man-made cannabis. Not to be confused via man-made THC in therapeutic drugs choose Marinol, artificial cannabis is a cocktail of nasty chemicals that deserve to create a selection of dangerous effects.

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Also known as “K2” or “spice,” those living in locations wbelow cannabis is illegal can be tempted to try it as a legal alternate to mimic the effects of real cannabis. But we are warning you to remain much amethod from it. Here’s why you should never usage man-made cannabis.

What Is Spice?


A product that often comes with a label reading “not for humale intake,” Spice is a synthetic cannabinoid that binds to the very same receptors as THC. The history of Spice started ago in the 80s as soon as researchers were trying to understand cannabinoid mechanisms. The research connected synthesizing thousands of cannabinoids, yet after it was publiburned in 2008, one of the synthesized cannabinoids, dubbed JWH-018, ended up being marketed in smoke shops and also throughout the internet as a form of legal weed.

Is it Really That Dangerous?

Yes. The risks of suffering adverse side results from smoking Spice or vaping K2 are pretty high. The problem via Spice is that it deserve to be up to 100 times more powerful than THC. While some civilization report pleasant effects, many kind of users typically experience dangerous effects favor chest pain, vomiting, blackouts, kidney damage, psychosis, and also seizures simply to name a few. Another side impact that’s unfavor real cannabis is that Spice has actually a high potential to reason addiction and also horrific withdrawal symptoms.


The factor the effects of spice are so unpredictable is that there is no method to recognize what you are actually acquiring. Synthetic cannabinoids are typically made in China and also then shipped to manufacturers who mix them with solvents. They spray the concoction onto plantlike material that looks like marijuana to be sold and smoked. So much have the right to go wrong in this procedure and it’s not unwidespread to buy Spice through chemical “hot spots” from a poor spray-job, bring about the customer to overdose.

The DEA is trying to crack down on Spice bereason the chemicals in this drug have actually a high potential for abuse and there is no well-known medical benefit. While many of the active chemicals found in Spice have actually been made illegal, manufacturers of these commodities try to side-step the laws by continually developing brand-new mixtures with different chemicals. Tright here are currently over 700 artificial cannabinoids, with brand-new ones being arisen eextremely month.

It’s often disguised as incense and also marketed as “natural” to trick customers right into believing it is harmless once in reality you are buying a product that was more than likely blended through nail polish. The unpredictable effects of these “natural incenses” have even resulted in death.


The Bottom line?

Don’t go close to this stuff. It isn’t cannabis and poses as well many kind of risks. No matter exactly how tempting it could be to attempt a little, especially if you are unable to accessibility legal cannabis, remain amethod. It’s not worth it. Whether you’re wondering “what is spice” or thinking “exactly how negative deserve to it really be if I deserve to buy it a gas station,” recognize that it’s not worth the trouble — or your health and wellness.

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