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Seller Description

If you’re in the industry for a Smith and Weschild K-structure revolver, let us present you to this sexy bit version 15-4. Before Smith and Wesson adjusted to version numbers rather of names, the Model 15 was known as The Combat Masteritem and it was produced repeatedly for 50 years. This is your opportunity to own a piece of American background that’s in EXCELLENT condition and still has actually the exact same tight lockup and also crisp trigger that it did once it new. Serial number - 91K****

UPC GDC0000003867
Caliber 38 S&W
Capacity 6 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 4" BARREL
Weight 2 LBS.



Shopping at soimg.org gives you the backingof a company that is committed to your satisfactivity. And unlike our rivals, it exoften tends past the buying process. We get the FFL from your save – others make you find it, copy it, and fax it. We have agenerous rerotate policy, and handle everything – you don’t have to go ago tothe keep. And ourRangemasters are right here to answer all your concerns about our commodities or process. We'rebringing a level ofservice to the virtual gun buying experience that is unheard of.



Many virtual gun sales actually take amethod from your localneighborhood. Instead of buying a gun that’kid your neighborhood store’s shelf, a lot of retailers drop ship it from a warehouse inan additional state. At soimg.org, if an FFL ispart of our network-related, we offer THEIR soimg.org first whenever before feasible. That method, we’re helping small businesses inyour area AND if they have it in stock, you deserve to pick your gun upIMMEDIATELY – it’s just how business need to be done.



Most everything deserve to be easily bought digital these days. But for some reason, buying a gun online canbe facility. Many websites are poorlyarranged, don’t tell you a lot around what you’re buying, and also leave you on yourvery own to figure out what you want. soimg.org is constructed to be easy – conveniently arranged assets, advantageous descriptions from experts, and assistance to overview you to the right choice.Spfinish your time enjoying the gun you want, not gaining frustrated through a complex website that makes gun buying tough.

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If your favorite previous time is spending a day at the range, you"re sure to love soimg.org"s selection of weapons. Whether you"re a competition shooter or just choose to make steel sing, we"re sure to market a gun that you"ll love to shoot.