Sir, if you be Gawain, it seems a greatwonder—A male so well-definition, and also mannerly disposed,And cannot act in firm as courtesy bids,See Important Quotations Explained


Early in the morning, the host and also his guests obtain outof bed and also prepare to ride forth from the castle. They attfinish Mass,eat a small breakquick, and also leave through their hunting dogs as dawnbreaks. They ride via the woods, chasing after the deer andherding the does amethod from the bucks and also harts. In the areas, theyslay the deer dozens at a time through their deadly arrows. The houndshunt dvery own the wounded animals, and also the hunters follow to kill themoff through their knives.

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Back at the castle, Gawain lingers in bed until daybreak.While still half asleep, he hears the door open quietly. Peekingout of his bed’s canopy, he sees the host’s wife creeping towardhis bed. Gawain lies ago dvery own, pretending to be asleep. Stealthily,the lady climbs inside the bed curtains and also sits next to Gawain.Confprovided yet curious, Gawain stretches and also preoften tends to wake up.Upon seeing the lady in his bed, he feigns surprise and provides thesign of the cross. The host’s wife smiles and greets him, teasinghim for resting so deeply that he didn’t notice her entering hischamber. She jokes that she has recorded him, and also she threatensto tie him to the bed, laughing at her own game. Gawain laughs and“surrenders” to her, then asks her leave to gain up and put on hisapparel. She refprovides, saying that instead she will hold him captive.She tells Gawain that she has actually heard many type of stories around him and also wantsto spend time alone via him. She uses to be his servant and tellshim to usage her body any type of means he sees fit.

The 2 proceed bantering, and also the lady tells Gawainthat she would certainly have chosen him for her husband if she can have actually.Gawain responds that her own husband also is the better man. Until mid-morning,the lady proceeds to lavish Gawain with admiration, and also Gawainproceeds to guard himself while still being gracious.

When the lady gets approximately leave, she laughs and also then sternly accusesher captive knight of not being the real Gawain. Alequipped and also worriedthat he has actually failed in his courtesy, Gawain asks her to define whatshe indicates. She responds that the actual Gawain would certainly never before let a ladyleave his chamber without taking a kiss. Gawain allows one kiss,and then the lady leaves. He dresses immediately and also goes to hearMass, then spends the afternoon with the host’s wife and the oldwoman.

At the same time, the lord has actually been hunting deer with his menall day. As evening comes on, the hunters begin to flay the animals,separating the meat and skin from the carcasses. The poet describesthe dismembering of the deer in gory detail, from the removal oftheir bowels to the severing of their heads. After they end up theirbloody job, the hunters return residence via their meat.

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The hold greets Gawain and also offers him the venison he wonduring the hunt that day. Gawain many thanks him and in rerevolve giveshim the kiss he won from the lady. The organize jokingly asks whereGawain won such a prize, and also Gawain points out that they agreedto exadjust winnings, not to tell wright here or just how they were acquired. Happy,the males feast and retire to bed, agreeing before they component to playthe game aget the following day.