The Outsiders: 15 Big Differences Between The Movie And The Publication The 1983 movie The Outsiders, based upon the 1967 book, is a faithful adaptation all at once. But, as via a lot of movie versions, there are substantial distinctions.

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The Outsiders Differences Between The Movie And The Publication featured picture of Darry Ponyboy and also Johnny
The 1983 film based on the 1967 book is a faithful adaptation all at once, but as through most movie versions, tright here is still even more in the book that the movie had to leave out. The Outsiders from Francis Ford Coppola absolutely achieves the same feeling as the book as the cast captures each of the characters they"re illustrating efficiently.

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The coming-of-age story centers on Ponyboy Curtis that has actually grvery own up as part of the "Greaser" group who has actually a organic rivalry with the "Soc" team and also the story starts with a murder in self-defense causing Ponyboy and also Greaser frifinish Johnny Cade to go on the run. The film and also book tell the story of young teenagers trying to grow up among the violence and circumstance.

Updated on April 8th, 2021 by Kristen Palamara: Although movie adaptations of renowned and classic publications are released yearly and also tright here have also been multiple adaptations of books choose The Great Gatsby and also almost every book by Jane Austen, there"s only been one movie adaptation of S.E. Hinton"s The Outsiders. The 1983 movie adaptation is so good that it"s commonly shown in high institutions while students read the book and, although it"s a strong adaptation, tright here are some necessary distinctions in between the book and the movie. The film misses some of the charm, emotion, and engaging side plots that the book provides.

the outsiders randy ponyboy
The primary fighting and also hatred in between the Greasers and the Socs is just as strong in the movie as it is in the book, but the details around the places of the teams are changed for the movie.

The book explains the Greasers as regulating the poorer East side of tvery own while the Socs manage the wealthier West side. The movie claims the Greasers are on the North side of tvery own and also the Socs are on the South side of town.

One of the main recurring side plots in the book is Soda"s partnership via Sandy, yet she does not show up in the movie at all. Soda was certain he and Sandy would gain married however once Sandy becomes pregnant she"s sent to live via her grandmom and it"s assumed that they will not be acquiring earlier together.

It"s a catalyst for a lot of Soda"s worries he has to attend to as a character and also attributes to his structure frustration to being stuck in the middle of Darry and also Pony constantly fighting bereason he no longer has a perboy outside of the household he have the right to rotate to as soon as he demands to vent.

Curtis brothers sitting exterior together in The Outsiders
A major issue of the eldest Curtis brother is being able to store custody of his two younger brothers, yet this plot line is hardly pointed out in the movie.

Tright here are a couple of lines right here and tright here wbelow Darry voices his concern around being able to carry out and take treatment of Soda and also Pony and that he problems Child Protective Services will take them away from him, but the movie never before completely mirrors his struggle or emphasizes this in Darry"s character in the movie.

12 Ponyboy"s Introduction Scene

Characters at the theater in The Outsiders
The development of Ponyboy in the book and in the movie are completely different and also there"s not a clear factor why it was readjusted for the movie as it"s arguably a weaker development in the movie than it is in the book.

The book sees Ponyboy on his very own at the start and virtually getting mugged by the Socs and the Greasers present up to conserve him, yet in the movie Ponyboy is with Dally and also Johnny and also do not really communicate with the Socs at all.

The book makes it clear that Ponyboy is composing his story for a institution project while the movie never before fully mentions why Ponyboy is informing the audience his story. The book emphasizes the truth that Ponyboy"s a good writer and student, but the movie never before delves into this character development.

The book has a storyline dedicated to a teacher getting to out to Ponyboy to support him and also make certain he"s able to complete his assignment when he"s struggling after the events of the fire, however namong that happens in the movie either.

10 The Curtis Boys" Parents

Ponyboy (C. Thomas Howell) discusses his parents, that passed away in a automobile crash leaving the 3 siblings to ffinish for themselves, heavily throughout the book.

He constantly thinks and talks about them and tends to compare himself and also his two brothers to their mom and father. The film doesn"t really point out their parents and also instead concentrates on where the boys are currently without a lot cite of their previous as soon as their parents were alive.

Darry (Patrick Swayze) is Ponyboy"s eldest brother that acts as a surrogate father to both Sodapop and Ponyboy after their parents" death. Darry is a stern yet continuous presence in Ponyboy"s life and also he talks about him and their rocky connection commonly throughout the book.

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The book lays out their challenging connection and also exactly how Ponyboy truly thinks that Darry hates him, which makes their reunion at the hospital after the fire even more emotional in the book than it does in the film.

8 The Courtroom Scene Finale

The book ends via a courtroom scene that has actually Ponyboy take the stand concerning Johnny killing Bob the Soc and around his house life via Darry and Sodapop.

The film mentions that after the killing in self-defense and the fire the just point that the authorities really cared about was making sure that Ponyboy had actually a stable house life living via his brothers, however it does not show any kind of of the finishing courtroom scenes where Ponyboy explains he"s happiest with his brothers.

The book explains the Greasers as having actually all different types of hair shade, some also having actually blonde hair consisting of Dally whose hair is explained as practically white, but the movie chooses to offer even more distinction in between the Greasers and also the Socs by offering the Greasers dark babsence hair and also the Socs lighter hair colors.

It"s not a significant distinction to the plot and visually on the display, it renders feeling as a additionally depiction of the rivalry in between the 2 teams, yet it"s still odd analysis Dally"s description and comparing Matt Dillon"s look to the description.

6 Sodapop"s Significance To Ponyboy

The film chooses to emphasis even more on Ponyboy and also Johnny"s connection than focusing on Ponyboy"s partnership with his older brothers Darry and in specific Sodapop (Rob Lowe). Ponyboy isn"t extremely close to his earliest brother Darry and thinks that Darry hates him even though Darry"s roughness is even more about him caring for and also wanting to protect Ponyboy however he is incredibly cshed to Sodapop.

Soda often tends to store the tranquility in between Darry and Pony and much of the book is dedicated to Ponyboy creating about his love and admiration for his brvarious other, which is pretty absent in the film variation.

The book spends a lengthy time mentioning Johnny Cade"s (Ralph Macchio) life and past occasions, especially being jumped by a team of Socs in a blue Mustang, the exact same Soc he stabs to protect Ponyboy, which has turned him into a nervous wreck.

The film alludes to this event and to his abusive house life that leads to his nervous demeanor, but it"s not as clear as it is in the book and also the little clues in the film might be missed if the viewer isn"t familiar with his backstory.

4 Dally"s Role Is Bigger

The film decides to emphasis more on Dally (Matt Dillon) and his relation to Johnny and Ponyboy as he helps them go on the run after Johnny kills Bob the Soc.

All of the very same events happen in the book where the two go to Dally for aid, but since the film doesn"t focus on Ponyboy"s brothers Darry and also Soda as a lot the film consisting of every one of Dally"s scenes shifts the emphasis to him, offering him a bigger role in comparikid.

The book mentions regional rodeos multiple times and talks around just how Sodapop wanted to very own a steed called Micvital Mouse and was cruburned as soon as the equine was offered to one more farm.

The stories job-related to contextualize the Oklahoma setup of the story, however the rodeos are never stated in the film. Although it"s a little information, it did provide characterization for Sodapop and provided a strong feeling of location.

2 Ponyboy Shutting Down After The Fire

In the book, Ponyboy has actually an very tough time handling the events of the past few days and the fatality of both Johnny and Dally. It"s totally understandable that he shuts dvery own and also becomes sick both physically and mentally after finding out Johnny died from his injuries during the fire and also Dally was killed by the police.

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He becomes distraught, sleeping for days, and continually claiming that he was the one who eliminated Bob, not Johnny. The film only chooses to present him physically hurting from his injuries throughout the fire and fighting via it so he deserve to go to the rumble through the Socs.

The film does provide the majority of narration from Ponyboy, however it misses some insightful moments that the book covers through Ponyboy"s inner thoughts and is able to easily establish his voice as a narrator, which the film battles to do at times.

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There are small moments in the book that are left out of the film, choose Ponyboy breaking a glass bottle to thrconsumed a Soc but picking up the glass after so no one gets a flat tire, that is left out of the movie and also makes Ponyboy"s character a little more difficult to understand.