Anyone who’s invested a night in a dingy motel knows that not all shower heads are developed equal. And these days, when self-care is a priority and also we’re spending more time at home than ever, upgrading your shower head is a no-brainer. First up: deciding the circulation that’s appropriate for you. Are you a rain shower devotee or someone that prefers intense water pressure pointed directly at your back’s aching muscles? Next off up: finding a quality head that is straightforward to install, doesn’t leak, looks great and, of course, delivers one heck of a shower.

To assist you narrow dvery own the selection — trust us, tright here are thousands out tbelow — we spent hours rebrowsing the peak choices on the market and chose on 11 shower heads to test, retest and also triple-test over the past a number of months. The excellent news (beyond the truth that we’re extremely, extremely clean) is that all those IRL showers brought about four winners:

Kohler Forte Shower Head
Best shower head overall


The Kohler Forte Shower Head"s three spray settings are each very various and equally successful. There"s the drenching, full-coverage rain shower, the pulsating massage and the "silk spray" establishing that is basically a super-thick mist.

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starting at $81.90 at Amazon
High Sierra Classic Plus Shower Head
Best low-flow shower head


Limiting water circulation to simply 1.5 GPM, this compact head is severe around sustainability. And also with all that environmental friendliness, it still maneras to supply a deluge of water and also a very satisfying shower.

$39.95 at Amazon
Moen Attract Dual Shower Head and also Handheld Shower Head
Best dual shower head


The Attract will have actually you feeling choose you"re showering at a 5-star hotel. With an ultra-wide face and handhosted shower head, this gets you 3 shower heads in one: Use the main rain shower head, the hand shower or both all at once for a head-to-toe water immersion endure.

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$89.98 at Home Depot
Wassa High-Prescertain Shower Head
Best budget shower head


The Wassa High-Prescertain Shower Head is ultra compact (it"s only 3 inches wide) however delivers an intense, high-press stream of water out of 45 silicone jets, providing the perfect marital relationship of a rain shower and massage setting.

presently unaccessible, commonly $19.97 at Amazon

Best shower head overall: Kohler Forte Shower Head (founding at $81.90;


Kohler K-22169-G-CP Forte Shower Head
The major reason the Kohler Forte topped our list is because of the immersive shower experience it offers. Delivering a powerful rainfall spray, made up of significant, complete droplets of water, the shower head’s major “complete coverage” setting is all-encompassing and also perfect for day-to-day usage. The intense push renders washing shampoo and conditioner out of your hair a quick procedure, and it’s super beneficial as soon as rinsing off soaped-up little bit ones who are a lot shorter and also farther amethod from the head.

The water also manages to be gentle as a result of those full dropallows that are created, many thanks to the brand’s “Katalyst” air-induction technology, which pressures 2 liters of air per minute right into the shower head. Whereas competitors’ streams seem to blend together, we could literally feel each droplet being issued out by this Kohler standout.

Fear not — Forte’s various other settings are equally excellent. The pulsating massage deserve to tarobtain particular areas, making it perfect for a post-workout shower, transferring a pummeling pressure of water to sore muscles and also other aches. And then there’s the “silk spray” setting. Generally, this type of establishing is inefficient at best, developing a steamy mist that isn’t able to rinse off anypoint. The Forte’s mist setting, however, produces a dense spray that is ultra light yet likewise still full sufficient to acquire all your washing demands done.

The Forte manages to achieve every one of this while likewise being low flow. At just 1.75 GPM (2.5 is the federally mandated ceiling for GPM; more information on GPM below), the shower head is not only WaterSense-certified yet likewise The golden state Energy Commission-apshowed — disproving the idea that low-circulation shower heads are identified through low press.

Elegant in style, Forte comes in 6 finishes — the French gold hue is warm in the bathroom architecture people best currently, however it will certainly cost you an additional $37. The 5.5-inch-wide shower head isn’t the biggest on our list, however it’s also not the smallest. While it won’t be the focal suggest of your bathroom (turn to Glacier Bay’s large square shower head if you’re searching for wow factor), Forte’s graceful sloped shape and also wide head will blfinish in beauticompletely with glamorous and no-frills bathrooms alike.

This shower head was additionally very easy to install; it took much less than 2 minutes from opening package until it was attached and also running. It came preinstalled via a washer (many kind of of the others forced us to manually install those), so all we had to do was screw the head onto the shower arm, though the instructions said using a wrench to tighten.

And it’s easy to clean too: Just rub the head’s silicone jets and also any mineral buildup will certainly come right off. Truly, the only point we could uncover wrong via this product was its limited warranty, which covers it for simply one year — this was the lowest warranty of all our tested shower heads, which frequently readily available five- to 10-year (or, in some instances, lifetime) warranties.

Overall, if you’re looking for a shower head that checks all the boxes and also delivers a consistently effective water stream, the Forte is a certain bet and also worth its relatively high price.

Best low-flow shower head: High Sierra Classic Plus Shower Head (founding at $39.95, originally founding at $49.94;

The prominence of water conservation in the United States and civilization past is clear, and if it’s a top-of-mind issue for you, then let us introduce you to the High Sierra Standard Plus. The lowest of the low-circulation heads on our list, the Classic Plus boasts a 1.5 GPM, making it both WaterSense-certified and California Energy Commission-approved. As discussed over, tbelow is absolutely a high-performance shower head stigma, through some believing these heads would deliver nopoint yet an ineffectual trickle of water. The Standard Plus dispels the idea, however, by creating a bursting stream of high-pressure water, quickly rinsing off soap and dirt.

Perhaps what we loved a lot of around this head throughout multiple tests was simply how purist the product is. Single-feature and made specifically of steel — trust us, this is not the shower head sector norm! — the Classic Plus is small yet mighty. Measuring 1 inch by 1 inch by 3 inches, the addressed shower head weighs just about fifty percent a pound, and yet it’s able to create a wide, forceful stream that quickly rinsed commodities out of even the longest hair. More eco-friendly details to know: Made in the USA, the Classic Plus’ compact size correlates to a smaller sized carbon footprint, as the firm supplies much less material and also energy in the time of the manufacturing process.

The nozzle’s patented design is worth pointing out too, as it’s unchoose any kind of various other shower heads we tested. Shooting water out of one single orifice — rather than, say, through a pressure regulator and also through dozens of tiny silicone jets — the Standard Plus is practically clogproof. This architecture also makes installation a breeze; just screw it onto the shower arm, and voila, it’s attached. Same goes for cleaning, as you simply run your finger through the hollow cavity to execute so.

We likewise chosen the product’s customizcapability. Available in four finishes (chrome, nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and polimelted brass), the Standard Plus comes in 3 flow prices too (1.5, 1.8 and also 2 GPM). If the shower arm height is over 6.5 feet high, the brand also recommends opting for a 1.8 or 2 GPM, which dispel bigger water dropallows, to ensure that optimal rinsing have the right to be completed. And if you want to save also more water, opt for the trickle-head version, which comes with a turn-off valve that reduces water to a trickle while you’re lathering or shaving actually (or chasing a toddler to acquire earlier right into the shower).

Perfect for smaller and outdoor showers, the High Sierra Classic Plus emits a surprisingly strong, constant spray for its miniature dimension. If you’re in search of something through even more bells and whistles, this isn’t the shower head for you. But if you’re A-OK with a straightforward product that delivers a nonsheight drenching stream, all while conserving water, the Classic Plus is your best bet.

Best dual shower head: Moen Attract Dual Shower Head and also Handheld Shower Head ($89.98;

One look at the Moen Attract and also it’s simple to see that the shower head would certainly be appropriate at house in an elaborate hotel. Simultaneously tasteful and luxurious-looking, the Attract’s oversize “rain shower” head (measuring 6.75 by 3.75 inches) topped our list not only bereason of its lustrous aesthetics however likewise bereason it delivers a doozy of a shower. It’s no wonder the head has raked in virtually 1,900 likes on Home Depot.

For one, there’s the reality that it’s a double shower head, supplying up a powerful stream by means of the rain shower head, in enhancement to six efficient sprays by means of the handorganized. When testing it out, we felt pampered by the three-in-one optionality, whether succumbing to rainfall deluge from the major head alone, opting for one of the intense handorganized sprays or combining both for all-encompassing water coverage. The shower heads continually supply a blissed-out suffer akin to somepoint you’d suppose from a spa.

In addition to the superb water push coverage and also consistency, we were likewise smitten via the Attract’s very intuitive architecture. Specifically, we’re talking about the “Magnetix” technology, wherein the handorganized lives in a magnetic dock, quickly releasing and also snapping back into location. Unchoose various other dual shower heads on the market, where you have to maneuver the handorganized ago into a slippery, narrowhead dock nearby to the main head, the Attract seamlessly lands on the magnetic dock, conveniently situated straight under the major head. This placing is genius, because once combining the two heads, they’re able to work-related in uniboy, delivering one huge stream of immersive water. More to know: We appreciated the water-conservation-friendly “pause/trickle” switch on the handheld — which enables users to speak water circulation midshower while they, say, shave their legs or lather up — and also the truth that the water temperature stayed regular as soon as the pausage switch was released.

Speaking of water conservation, a chief offering allude of the Attract is that while being completely luxurious, it’s likewise a high-efficiency shower head, emitting 1.75 GPM (which is towards the lower end of the heads we tested). WaterSense-certified and also California Energy Commission-apshowed, the Attract proves that low circulation doesn’t have to mean low high quality.

Like a lot of dual shower heads, the Attract comes with more components and also pieces, which included to our installation time. All in all, from box opening to shower running, the installation took around 10 minutes. In terms of cleaning, the silicone nozzles are easy to wipe off, and the chrome variation we tested out was indeed spot-resistant.

The Moen Attract checks all the luxe boxes — it’s beautiful to look at, it’s smartly designed, it delivers an incredible shower experience and it’s eco-friendly to boot. The only reason it didn’t make it as our top as a whole shower head is because, well, not everyone has the room or require for a double shower head.

Best budgain shower head: Wassa High-Pressure Shower Head (starting at $15.97, but currently unavailable;

Here’s the thing around the Wassa High-Pressure Shower Head: When we heard that it was $19 and also had actually more than 11,000 positive reviews and a 4.8-star rating on Amazon, we were pretty much sold. Testing the head in-perboy confirmed what the many reviews touted, which is that this shower head delivers an very effective rain spray provided its compact, 3-inch-wide head size and budobtain price. Reminder, folks: It costs much less than 20 bucks.

If water press is your peak priority, then you must seriously think about this shower head. Described as both “heavenly” and also “magical” by myriad Amazon reviewers — one also called it a “power wash” for your shower — we were eager to discover for ourselves what specifically all the excitement was about. And, no surpris right here, Wassa lived approximately the hype. Shooting water out of 45 silicone jets, we found the stream to be intense and also straight, and we might literally feel eexceptionally single one of those 45 jets bearing down on us. While some Amazon reviewers complained that the press was too too much to, say, wash your challenge, we’d need to disagree; the push is strong, for sure, but not to a level of discomfort. And if you’re worried about stream coverage, are afraid not, as a swivel sphere joint renders it basic to maneuver the head, directing the stream to your preferred angle.

Tright here are some downsides, but, such as the head’s 2.5 GPM circulation. Yes, this renders it WaterSense-certified, but it’s at the better finish of GPM levels in heads that we tested and it’s a no-go for Californians (more on that below). There’s likewise the reality that this shower head is single-attribute, with zero elaborate settings to pick from. The product’s simple style, yet, works to its advantage once it pertains to installation and also cleaning — both were straightforward and fast.

While the Wassa is lacking some of the luxe features you’ll endure with pricier rivals — namely, a multitude of spray settings — you won’t uncover a much better shower head at this price allude. It’s totally adequate for any bathroom out there.

How we tested

After scouring the shower head sector for bestoffering, top-rated, trfinishing and also critically hailed alternatives, we corralled a test group of 11 shower heads that (on paper) met the criteria buyers are the majority of interested in, consisting of architecture, build, attribute, aesthetics and price.

We then tested each unit by taking a minimum of three showers — consisting of a quick rinse, a lengthy luxurious soak and also the ultimate test: washing down four children after a lengthy summer day. Our testing procedure was intensive, lasting a number of months. In enhancement to those in its entirety shower experiences, we additionally evaluated:


Water press and coverage: This category was plainly a biggie. Here, we were in search of an intense, constant stream that was maintained throughout various settings and when switching from primary shower head to handheld. Stream coverage: We detailed the width of each head’s stream and whether or not they might supply a full-body drench. Spray settings: While some of the heads we reviewed were single-attribute, others had actually as many kind of as nine spray settings. We analyzed whether the settings were decipherable and efficient, and provided the user-friendliness of switching earlier and forth in between settings.
Leakage: We assessed whether the shower head leaked from its link to the wall, from the head itself once turned off and also from the head as soon as switching between settings. Build quality: We ranked the shower heads on indications of damage over time, build high quality, high quality of materials and the tangible feel of the commodities in hand. Specifically, we additionally listed what each shower head was made of (e.g., metal, chrome complete, plastic, and so on.). Ease of clean: After each shower, we took note of exactly how straightforward it wregarding clean the shower head’s spray jets (and also handorganized, if applicable) and the neighboring hardware.
Ease of assembly: We listed just how long it took to unbox each shower head, just how many kind of parts were in each box and also whether the parts were plainly labeled. Ease of installation: We assessed if the directions were clear and also specific, whether any special tools were forced and also just how long it required to install the shower head and its extra parts (if applicable) from begin to complete.
First impression: We observed our first impression of each shower head, homing in on the style, the dimension, the shape and whether it looked attrenergetic on a traditional subway-tiled shower wall. We also provided what kind of toilets the heads would be ideal suited for, from commercial use to a luxe master suite. Market comparison: We compared and contrasted the shower head to the substantial alternatives on the market, noting the design merits and also fregulations of each. Color options: We researched if the head came in any colors besides the typical chrome.

How we rated

Based upon the categories and testing steps noted over, we provided all 11 shower heads a score in each subcategory, then merged those numbers for a maximum score in each category, then totaled those numbers for a last overall score. We damaged dvery own the scores as follows:

Function had actually a maximum of 50 points: water push consistency (10 points), water pressure intensity (10 points), stream coverage and width (10 points), leakage (10 points), variety of settings (5 points), ease to switch settings (5 points). Build had actually a maximum of 45 points: ease of installation (15 points), quality (10 points), ease of cleaning (10 points), aesthetics (5 points), does it meet present water circulation guidelines (5 points). Warranty had actually a maximum of 5 points: five+ years (5 points), two to three years (2 points), fewer than 2 years (0 points)

In addition to the overall score, we likewise factored in the price of each shower head.

Other shower heads we tested

Glacier Bay Modern 1-Spray 8-Inch Single Wall-Mount Fixed Rain Shower Head (beginning at $29.98;

For the aesthetically pushed, this sleek, ultra-contemporary rain shower head from Glacier Bay takes the style cake. The extra-wide — it’s 9 inches wide, people! — square-shaped head uses up a whopping 81 rub-clean jets that work to supply a vast rain shower. Available in 5 finishes, including trendy hues matte babsence and also gold, the shower head deserve to be mounted in under two minutes and also functions a 1.8 GPM, making it WaterSense-certified. Ultimately, the head didn’t make our “best” list bereason its water pressure didn’t overwhelm. While rain shower heads as a whole tend to be delicate, this one felt very soft to us after multiple test drives. Bottom line: This shower head looks and also feels much fancier than its price tag suggests.

RainSpa 3-in-1 Rainloss Combicountry Shower Head ($24.99, originally $29.99;

Comparable to the Moen Attract, this dual shower head features a fixed rainfall head, clocking in at 6 inches wide, in enhancement to a high-power handhosted. How it differs, though, is in price. With the RainSpa head, you get a substantial shoulder-to-shoulder stream, six spray settings (consisting of a pause option) and also easy-to-clean jets for under $25. If you’re a Bed Bath & Beyond Beyond+ member, you deserve to snag it for $19.99. Though it’s a great option for those trying to find a dual shower head at a barget, the product did have actually some weaknesses. Its myriad components, coupled with the chrome-finished material that has a cheaper feel, led to a less satisfying in its entirety experience than the higher-finish Moen. So, although they perform similarly, we think you’re better off spfinishing even more on the Moen for a far better construct top quality that’s most likely to host up longer.

Delta In2ition 2-in-1 5-Spray 6-Inch Dual Wall-Mount Fixed and also Handheld Shower Head (founding at $79.98;

Boasting among the even more clever architecture schemes of all the heads we tested, the Delta In2ition features a built-in handorganized that magnetically attaches by sliding right into the main shower head. The two units can be supplied in uniboy or individually, together carrying a broad stream of extra-huge dropallows. We discovered the handheld’s water pressure to be rather low, or “gentle,” making it an excellent option for children. We also experienced some leakage as soon as switching the water from the shower head to the handorganized. It did earn points for its innovative architecture and also compact footprint, but, not to mention its 1.75 GPM and WaterSense certification.

American Standard Spectra+ Touch 4-Function Shower Head (starting at $24.99;

If you’re looking for a large ol’ addressed shower head, this is a decent alternative. At more than 7 inches wide, the Spectra+ uses up a full-body drenching stream. What’s different from the majority of heads is that you can switch between settings by simply emotional anywhere on the outer ring of the circular head — no levers or pulleys compelled. We love the 4 pretty finishes as well. At some point, the downside for us was the Spectra+’s less-than-intense water pressure and also its plastic composition, which lent a slightly cheaper look and feel than some of the others in our trial and error pool.

AquaStar Elite High-Pressure 6-Setting Luxury Spa Hand also Shower ($34.99;

AquaStar Elite works as both an overhead shower and also a handorganized, however its huge offering allude is the antimicrobial jets that repel bacteria, thanks to integrated Microban, which never before washes ameans. We found the head’s settings to be solid and also reliable, with the pulsating massage to be the many powerful of any kind of we tested. The narrowhead stream coverage is what preserved it from earning a optimal spot on our list, however all in all, we’d say this is excellent for a guest or youngsters bathroom.

Hydroluxe 1433 Handhosted Shower Head & Rain Shower Combo ($25.99, initially $54.99;

Beloved by more than 10,000 Amazon reviewers and also rocking a 4.4-star rating, this dual shower combo is a solid purchase for anyone on a budget. Boasting all the bells and also whistles of a fancier brand also — 5 very reliable spray settings (everyone, truly, should suffer “power rain”), an overdimension 4-inch-wide challenge, rub-clean jets and also a sleek chrome finish — this shower head is a steal at this price. That said, if powerhouse water pressure is a must, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Waterpik PowerPulse Massage Shower Head ($39.98;

For those who ssuggest can’t get enough spray settings, let us present you to Waterpik’s PowerPulse, which has a whopping nine on offer. And having actually tested them all out multiple times, we deserve to attest that the water pressure intensity and also consistency remajor forceful throughout. Designed especially to deliver a therapeutic, massageprefer shower, the head’s targeted stream does just that. The downside: Its straightforward, utilitarian look could be a bit out of area in a glam bathroom. It was a hair off from being liked a winner for its performance (it scored simply and also our peak pick) yet came up considerably brief in terms of build top quality. Still, this is a good choice for those that don’t treatment around appearance and desire a cheaper alternative than the Kohler Forte.