I"m taking down my locs, and also I have my relaxer day set for two weeks after tomorrow to provide my hair time to rest.-But- I simply found out I need to go to this mandatory college occasion on the sixth. I desire to brhelp my hair for the occasion (I don"t understand how to execute natural styles), however will that recollection the two week timer or is it OK if I simply leave it in for 2 days? "Cause it"ll probably take me two days to take it back dvery own, lol.I"m guessing pushing the relaxer date as much as the fifth is a definite no-no?I just want to execute what"s finest for the health and wellness of my hair and make an excellent first impression.TIA!

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I generally relax my hair the day after taking down my braids without any type of negative consequence. I actually have to carry out this because if I attempt to wash my hair after its remained in braids, I end up through too much tangling also if I use a really excellent conditioner. I said all that to say, I would relocate the relaxer up.

I constantly send human being to www.growafrohairlong.com for questions entailing braids coz I believe Robin"s acquired civilization excellent outcomes also those who were clueless on braids. Robin relaxes her hair and also she"s not had actually issues from what I can check out. Perhaps browse about her site and also view what she does. Methinks you"d be wise to follow suit.
I did this as a pre teen. I would certainly take my braids out and the following day acquire a perm. I have to have actually did that prefer ten times. The stylist never told me a point. My hair went from EL to SL from braids. The longest it ever prospered. After I took the braids out, it broke off horribly. My hair has not been the exact same given that. If you check out the instruction on a relaxer jar, they recommfinish waiting at least 2 weeks after taking down braids. Im still mad the stylist didn"t know better or just didnt treatment.I tell everyone to wait. I"m certain some world deserve to perform it and also acquire ameans through it, prefer perming eexceptionally month or utilizing warmth eexceptionally day, but in basic it"s a no no.I quite you usage heat that put chemicals in the hair right amethod.The reason they say you need to wait is bereason your hair will go right into "shock" after being "rested" in braids and weaves for so long.

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You understand, I do not recognize why I didn"t think of just level ironing it for the day... that"d be less expensive (free!) and also time-intensive than braiding. I assume it would certainly be still be not-recommfinished after taking hair dvery own, though?