Although less than 1 percent of English words start through J, the consonant has some steamy connotations


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Less than 1 percent of English words start with J, a minor letter through an odd shape and few other distinctions. Except as soon as it concerns sex. Then J is jumping, one might also say jolly and also juicy.

Leadbelly sang about Jumping Judy:

Well, jumping Little Judy, she was a mighty fine girl.Judy brought jumping to this whole round world

Dylan Thomas chosen to get juiced and tell the prettiest girl at the party, "I desire to jump your bones."

J has actually some weird sexual je-ne-sais-quoi mojo, some humor (jests, jibes, jokes, jocularity), some sweetness (jams and jellies, Jujubes and Jujifruit) and some heat (joules).

Mick Jagger simply sounds randy. And mint julep just sounds debauched, as The Clovers revealed in the 1952 hit "One Mint Julep":

I didn"t recognize what I was doin"I had to marry all day screwing ...One mint julep was the reason of it all.

Jugs jiggle; and also a johnkid is a huge one. A hooker"s customer is a John. Jack basically indicates male. The female of some species is referred to as a jenny (e.g., jenny wren). And sexy young girls are jailbait.

The First Lady of the jungle was "You, Jane." Mary does not work, does it? While we"re in the jungle, a renowned lesbian novel was called "Rubyfruit Jungle."

Yes, that"s what it indicates, as does jelly roll. An old blues song pulsed:

Jelly roll, jelly roll, sittin" on a fenceIf you doan obtain some you ain"t got no sense Just wild bout my jellyMy sweet jelly roll.

Sexy woguys frequently have actually J-names: Jezebel, Jasmine, Jewel, Happiness, Josephine. If you listen to Fats Domino sing about Josephine, you understand she"s hot:

Hello Josephine, just how execute you do?Do you remember me baby?Like I remember youYou offered to laugh at me and also holler, woo woo woo

Just about the just shade name with J is Jade, a green rock, a girl"s name, and a word via warm subtext. The Urban Dictionary says, "Jade is someone that overreacts around a sexually orientated situation. For instance, "Oh my god, my nipples are erected!" "You"re such a Jade!"" Too much of that makes you jaded.

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Jocessential is all about riding, occasionally riding civilization. Jubilees are occasions for jubilation. Jamborees are great parties, civilization jitterbugging, sexy music on the jukebox. Juke originally supposed "bawdy" or "wicked."

Hand jive, does not that sound dirty? When Johnny Otis (aka Willie and the Hand also Jive) sang about "doing that crazy hand jive," this was significant titillation. Censors thought the song glorified masturbation, at least. That was all they could dare point out in 1958:

Mama, mama, look at Sister FloDoing that hand jive via Uncle JoeWhen I gave bit sister a dimeI said "Do that hand also jive one more time"

Jazz was sex-related slang prior to it was music. "Jas" was a Creole brothel wright here jezebels worked. Music for the clients ended up being well-known as "Jas music," sometimes "Jass music." When the word "Jass" was published on posters, the letter "J" was occasionally crossed out for a joke. Promoters kbrand-new "ass music" was offensive, so the spelling relocated from "Jass" to "Jazz," hence "Jazz music."

A lot of porno words begin via J; and words that aren"t constantly porno words move in that direction extremely quickly: junk, jack, jerk, jag, jam, jimmie and also joint. Sex can hardly be questioned without the word "job." "Jack off" spawned "jill off."

A printed J does not look sexy. But script a cursive resources J. It"s rubenesque and also voluptuous. Maybe that"s J"s trick.