In the past 2 years, team members at POET were each trained in the Oz Principle® Accountability Training®. Based on the best-marketing book The Oz Principle, team members were reminded what it meant to be accountable in the work location.

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The training is based on the core concepts of being accountable: See It, Own It, Solve It, Do It. It actively teaches team members to remain concentrated on purposes, store an excellent perspective and also offer reliable feedago to each various other.

The training started in July 2011 and also was completed by all 27 plant areas and Sioux Falls team members – even more than 1600 team members complete. The Accountability Training will be recurring at the agency with brand-new team members receiving the training as they are welcomed to POET.

As training was completed, basic managers noticed some of the Oz Principle models and also tools taking organize in their places. Team members were taking campaigns to identify others achievements, offering constructive feedback and also using the ethics in their very own methods distinctive to their positions.

POET Biorefining – Preston, Minn.

This fall, POET Biorefining – Preston had two incredibly large tasks ensuing within the plant. They had actually a corn oil installation project and fermenter lining job going on at the very same time.

Working on the tasks were a number of groups that all had to stay in interaction via each various other – team members at POET Biorefining – Preston, POET Deauthorize & Construction, POET Plant Management and also POET Biorefining – Hanlontown and many subcontractors and also sellers.

“They were all a part of the team to achieve the mission,” said General Manager Rich Eichstadt. “And that they did!”

“The really amazing thing is that this is not unique to POET Biorefining – Preston,” Eichstadt added. “The diversity and also variety of plants, departments and world are a affluent reresource. The cultivation and also nurturing of this reresource through the OZ regime does display results not just at Preston however at all our places.”

Chris Hanchild, Technical Manager at Preston shelp, “It is really gratifying to check out somepoint like this work and watch human being actually put the OZ values into practice.”

POET Biorefining – Gowrie, Iowa

At POET Biorefining – Gowrie, a “Wevery one of Oz” has actually been applied. It sindicate display screens tasks that are measurable, who owns it and also the expectations of each owner.

“At initially many type of assumed this generated added work-related and also then they easily realized that it actually gives them crmodify for what they are already supposed to be doing, and also at the exact same time it will certainly display avenues that must be addressed,” said General Manager Gary Eischeid. “We are currently in interactions via numerous various other POET plants who have actually likewise adopted this good regime.”

POET Biorefining – Marion, Ohio

In POET Biorefining – Marion, Ohio, the administration team began highlighting team members who exemplified the Oz principles.

Each month in team meetings and on the team member communications system, jobs are well-known that were completed specifically by team members individually or in a little team.

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“This acknowledgment is a tiny token of appreciation for just how vital individual achievements are to the success of POET Biorefining – Marion,” sassist General Manager Cliff Brannon.