Fortnite fans that complete the Seachild 5 Week 10 difficulties may be disappointed to learn that tright here is no surprise banner or fight star to collect this week.

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Fortnite"s Seakid 5 Week 10 difficulties have actually been live in the game for a pair of days currently, and also they job players with completing a variety of goals in exchange for rewards. Past weeks have actually readily available some secret goals also after completing the provided challenges, however it seems as though tbelow are no secrets to discover after beating all the Week 10 challenges in Fortnite.

After completing the initially salso weeks of challenges in Seaboy 5, Fortnite players unlocked loading screens that teased the location of a covert battle star somewbelow on the map. Then Weeks 8 and 9 switched points up a little by having actually players find covert banners in the atmosphere rather of covert battle stars, which were likewise uncovered by deciphering clues from an unlockable loading display screen.

Week 10, yet, does not have actually any type of surprise banners or covert battle stars for players to find. In fact, it doesn"t seem to have actually any type of added tricks for players to uncover, so when they complete every one of the Week 10 difficulties, they are basically done until Epic Gamings launches Seaboy 6. However before, completing the Week 10 obstacles does unlock a new loading display, which may tease what"s coming in Seachild 6.

fortnite seaboy 5 week 9 loading screen
The Seakid 5 Week 10 loading display screen in Fortnite shows a character touching the mysterious purple cube that appeared on the map a couple weeks ago. The character sees an evil reflection of themselves in the cube, perhaps teasing that Season 6"s template is "evil" or something alengthy those lines.

Of course, that"s simply speculation at this time, and we likely won"t have concrete details around what Seachild 6 has actually in keep until Epic itself is all set to share them. However, a potential leak may have actually revealed some details early, choose the cube exploding, Loot Lake having a black hole, a revamped version of Lonely Lodge, and also the Wailing Woods bunker opening. Before fans acquire as well excited about those changes, though, they should save in mind that they"re only rumors and must be taken via a grain of salt.

We do not understand specifically what Seakid 6 has in keep, yet we carry out recognize that it will certainly be bringing with it some major alters to Fortnite, simply choose we"ve checked out through previous seasons. With that in mind, Fortnite players must play the existing variation of the map as much as they can before Seaboy 6 arrives.

Fortnite is out currently in early on accessibility for iOS, Android, PC, PS4, Switch, and also Xbox One.

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