Samsung can have skipped a number through the launch of the Galaxy Note 7 yet it sudepend hasn’t missed the mark when it involves features and specs. Firstly, the Keep in mind 7 looks stunning via that beautiful curved display screen on the front and the curved metal earlier. Also, it comes via some peak of the line specs choose the dual-edge 5.7-inch (2560 x 1440p) Super AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 820 or Exynos 8890 processor (depending upon the region), 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB storage via development support, 12 MP rear and 5 MP front encountering cam and also a respectable 3500 mAh battery. In addition, the Keep in mind 7 includes a cool iris scanner along with the usual fingerprint scanner. That’s not all, as the Android 6.0 Marshmpermit running gadget is also IP68 certified, which suggests the tool is dust and also water resistant.

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So, while Samsung has offered some decent protection for the flagship Note device, we’ll still recommfinish you to buy a instance bereason the device will certainly be priced somewright here approximately $800 and also that is a lot of money. You would certainly not want your pricey Note 7 to acquire a scrape on its extremely first day of buying, right? Keeping that in mind, here are 10 best Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind 7 instances and covers you need to be buying:

1. Samsung S View Flip Cover

The official S View Flip Cover from Samsung, prefer the past S View flip covers, uses defense while letting you use the device even with the cover on. The flip cover features a unique window on the front, which allows you usage the Note 7 with an interchallenge designed for it. You deserve to accept or reject calls, check notifications, see standing items, weather and even more from the home window in the instance. Additionally, you have the right to dial numbers or even take photos directly from the instance. The new S View Flip Cover for the Keep in mind 7 also packs in a standing function, which allows you prop the case at a 45 level angle.
Wbelow to Buy: Price: $49.99

2. Samsung LED Cover

Remember HTC’s Dot View case? Well, the Samsung LED Cover for the Note 7 brings equivalent features. The situation brings a cool method to check out notifications and various other alerts also when the situation is extending your Keep in mind 7. The situation lets you accept incoming calls, check out messeras, battery standing, time, volume and also more. Along through all these functions, the situation even includes a pocket where you deserve to place cards or cash.

Wbelow to Buy: Price: $59.99

3. Samsung Keyboard Cover

The main key-board cover for the Samsung Galaxy Note is absolutely the the majority of amazing out of the lot. The situation not just gives defense for the Keep in mind 7 but likewise brings a physical keyboard for the device. There are many among us who feel that touchdisplay screen inputting deserve to never match the speed and feel of a physical key-board and also if you are one of those world, you deserve to most definitely try out the Keyboard cover. The cover brings a full-dimension QWERTY key-board that additionally functions an exclusive vital layout through shortcuts and also hot secrets.

Alengthy through the aforementioned ones, Samsung also provides a cool battery instance and a electronic camera lens case for the Note 7 that you can inspect out.Wbelow to Buy: Price: $59.99

4. Spigen Rugged Armor Case

If you setup on taking your beautiful Galaxy Note 7 in harsh conditions, we will suggest you to get the rugged armor instance from Spigen. The instance offers MIL-certified defense and also Spigen clintends to have done some comprehensive drop tests through the instance. While the instance only functions a solitary layer of TPU, it provides up via an air cushion tech, which protects the Note 7 from little as well as huge drops. Also, while the butloads are spanned, they have been designed in a way to provide you excellent feedearlier and you should not feel any difficulties with it. Other than that, the case looks pretty great too through a glossy surchallenge and also carbon fiber texture.
Where to Buy: Amazon.comPrice: $10.99

5. Otterbox Symmeattempt Case

Otterbox instances require no development once it pertains to protection, considering the miscellaneous comprehensive tests they execute on their cases. Well, the Otterbox Symmetry situation is no different. While it’s not their many rugged instance for the Keep in mind 7, we prefer it because of the truth that it brings protection as well as slim excellent looks. The instance made up of polycarbonate and fabricated rubber also feels excellent in the hands, many thanks to its matte touch. Plus, it looks slim and features elevated bezels to safeguard that gorgeous curved display. The Otterbox case is accessible in the usual Babsence version, together with color-combos prefer Rosso Corsa, Rose and Boardwalk.

Wright here to Buy: Amazon.comPrice: $31.67

6. Incipio Octane Case

The Incipio Octane case for the Galaxy Keep in mind 7 looks good, thanks to its intake of contrasting yet comparable colors on the back and also the bumper. Along through the excellent looks, the instance also functions a rigid polycarbonate ago shell and also a shock absorbent TPU, which renders sure that the instance gives defense against effects. While the looks ready to safeguard the Note 7, it is pretty light and feels excellent in the hands, many thanks to its polycarbonate matte architecture.

Where to Buy: Incipio.comPrice: $24.99

7. Caseology Premium Leather Case

While the Galaxy Keep in mind 7 is a looker in itself, the Caseology case must defend the device while offer it a premium look. The beautiful leather instance looks sophisticated and is animal-friendly, so you should not have any type of doubts buying it. The instance features a TPU sleeve along with a polycarbonate bumper inside the artificial leather to bring optimum security whilst looking excellent. The situation is accessible in beautiful color-combos favor Carbon Fiber Babsence, Leather Beige, Leather Cherry Oak, Leather Green and also Leather Navy Blue and they all look super excellent. You have to examine them out to think it.
Where to Buy: Amazon.comPrice: $14.99

8. Obliq Flex Wallet Case

The Obliq Flex Wallet case for the Keep in mind 7 is a classy-looking ultra-thin wallet case, which brings a leather slot for cards and also cash. The wiremuch less charging compatible case features specifically cut-outs for the 3.5 mm jack and also buttons. The Obliq case is my individual favorite due to its classy architecture, which likewise renders sure to not bulk up the Note 7. It looks great and its cards pocket absolutely provides going to a party handy. So, you must definitely check this one out for your Note 7.

Where to Buy: Obliqproduct.comPrice: $19.99

9. Ringke Crystal Clear Case

Want to showinstance the great looks of your Keep in mind 7 while applying protection? The Ringke Crystal Clear instance for the Note 7 need to be perfect for you. The ultra-slim and also transparent case features soft versatile edges to defend the Keep in mind 7’s edged corners. It additionally brings dual coating to safeguard the Note 7 from drops and also impacts. Alengthy with the defense, the clear case is pretty slim, making certain your brand also new Keep in mind 7 looks slim and sexy.
Where to Buy: Price: $8.99

10. Sparin Lightweight Case

The Sparin situation is for Note 7 users who want a situation that’s basic to hold and one that does not include mass to the gadget. The instance consisted of of premium leather and also microfiber is not only sturdy yet it also looks good. Plus, the case feels good in the hands, many thanks to its grip friendly and also sleek design. The case has additionally been designed with the curved display screen in mind, which suggests that while tright here is protection on the sides, it does not block the display screen.

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Where to Buy: Amazon.comPrice: $9.99SEE ALSO: 15 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Accessories Worth Buying

Protect your pricey and also beautiful Galaxy Keep in mind 7 via these cases

Samsung tools might be sturdy in nature however as soon as it comes to a pricey flagship device favor the Note 7, we would not want to take a risk. So, examine out the previously mentioned Galaxy Keep in mind 7 situations and covers and decide the one you want to buy. Do let us recognize the one you bought or plan on buying. Sound off in the comments section listed below.