This guide discusses Secret Cprices, Secret Cars, and The Tracker challenge.

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The challenge

When in-game and having actually opened the Escape food selection, you have the right to watch your obstacles to the bottom-left. One of them – The Tracker – consists of finding 10 trick crates and transporting a complete of 8 secret vehicles to a friendly armory. To “find” a mystery cprice you just need to open up it. This guide will certainly explain where to these crates and also vehicles are located.

What are key vehicles?

Secret vehicles job-related just favor cargo trucks – carrying them to armory gives you RP. Unlike cargo trucks, they don’t allow added tools in the armory. Secret vehicles provide you 400 RP, if the reresource rewards establishing is set to 100 %. It appears they respawn eextremely time the map rotation on a server restarts. A few one-of-a-kind vehicles also spawn in Man Vs. World.

How do they look like? Here’s a photo.


What are secret crates?

Secret cprices simply like normal ones contain weapons/equipment. Tbelow are 2 types of key cprices. Type #1 – Gray, metallic boxes. Type #2 – Wooden, kind of longer. Both forms respawn every 24 hours and present a question mark and also their health and wellness as soon as you computer mouse over them. Unchoose normal cprices you need explosives to get these to open up. A single grenade works just fine.Typical cprice (left), Secret crate form #1 (middle) and Secret crate kind #2 (right).

Secret crates / Secret vehicles appearance

Both key cprices and trick cars appear in Campaign mode and also Multiplayer Co-op Campaign/Invasion.

Wooden trick crates make their appearance in Rapid matches.Metallic key cprices and secret vehicles don’t show up in Rapid complement or PVP games.

Wbelow and also what’s inside?

Secret crates of both forms appear on almost eextremely map.

Metallic secret crates can contain rare tools, gift boxes (consisting of neighborhood gift boxes), camo vests, gold bars, minigun or grenade launcher deploys, banana peels, or medikits.

Wooden trick crates will certainly contain loot, a T3 Vest or a costume.All boxes have been accordingly marked on the maps listed below.

Tbelow is one key vehicle for each of these maps – Black Gold Estuary, Fridge Valley, Keepsake Bay, Moorland also Trenches, Old Ft Creek, Rattlesnake Crescent.

Random and also Fixed crates

Amongst key cprices there are Random and Fixed cprices.

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Random cprices – a random variety of them will generate for eextremely map. The number range for each map will certainly be pointed out in it’s particular area.