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"Rocky" is a song created by Jay Stevens (aka Woody P. Snow) and percreated by American country music artist Dicessential Lee. It was released in July 1975 as the fifth single and title track from the album Rocky. On the nation chart, "Rocky" was Lee"s most effective single, and his just number one. It invested fourteenager weeks on the chart, including one week at number one. Other versions were tape-recorded by Austin Roberts (1975) and Orion (1979). Austin Roberts" version reached number 9 on the U. S. Billboard Hot 100 and number 10 in Canada in 1975. The track reached #22 in the UK Singles Chart in November 1975; Roberts" just chart appearance in the UK.even more »

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Alone until my eighteenth year, we met 4 springs agoShe was shy and also had a fear, of things she did not knowBut we obtained it on together in such a super wayWe hosted each various other close at night, and also traded dreams each dayShe shelp Rocky I"ve never before been in love prior to, don"t recognize if I deserve to carry out itBut if you let me lean on you take my hand I could obtain with it, through itI shelp baby, oh sweet baby it"s love that sets us freeAnd God knows if the people must finish your love is safe through meWe found an old gray residence, and also you would not think the wayWe functioned at night to deal with it up, took classes in the dayPainting walls and sipping wine, resting on the floorWith so much love with just two, soon we discovered there"d be one moreAnd she said Rocky I"ve never had actually a baby before, don"t understand if I deserve to do itBut if you let me lean on you, take my hand also I can obtain through it, via itI shelp baby, oh sweet baby it"s love that sets us totally free, and God knows if the word have to end your love is safe through me.We had actually several troubles then, yet we had actually many funLike the birthday party, once our baby girl turned oneI was proud and also satisfied, life had so much to giveTill the day they told me that she didn"t have actually lengthy to liveShe sassist Rocky I never before had to die prior to do not recognize if I deserve to do itNow it"s ago to 2 again my little girl and also IWho looks so a lot prefer her sweet mom, occasionally that renders me cryI sleep alone at nights aget, I walk alone each dayAnd occasionally when I"m about to give in, I hear her sweet voice say to meRocky you recognize you"ve been alone prior to, you recognize that you deserve to execute itBut if you"d favor to lean on me, take my hand also I"ll aid you through it, through it.I sassist baby, oh sweet baby it"s love that sets us freeAnd God knows if the people need to finish, your love is safe via meShe said Rocky you understand you"ve been alone prior to...

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Dicvital Lee Royden Dicessential Lipscomb (born 21 September 1936, Memphis, Tennessee), recognized professionally as Dicvital Lee (periodically misspelled Dickie Lee or Dicky Lee), is an Amerihave the right to pop/country singer and also songwriter, finest recognized for the 1960s teenage tragedy songs "Patches" and also "Laurie (Starray Things Happen)." more »