When a pet psychic concludes that Meaty requirements a mother number in the residence, Rob and Big look for out true love with assist from a matchmaker.

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After Rob has a nightmare around dying, Big plans a day of paintround, stunt driving and martial arts to prove he"s significant around his security duties.

Rob and Big search for a companion for Meaty after the dog starts acting up, however the new pet proves to be more trouble than intended.

Rob tries to assist Big satisfy his dream of going back to the 70s, and also Big renders Rob"s horse trailer street-worthy.

While joining Big for the Boykin family members reunion, Rob searches for skate spots and also experiences the local flavor of Raleigh, Mississippi.

Rob and Big serve Rob"s assistant with an employment waiver, and also Rob attempts to train his miniature equine.
Rob books Big an appointment at a hair treatment facility in wishes it will certainly inspire Big"s go back to the phase as an exotic dancer.
Rob returns to competitive skateboarding when he enters a tournament in Tampa, Florida, and makes a $5,000 bet that he have the right to beat his former teammate Steve Berra.
Rob creates an R&B change ego named Bobby Light to justify his romantic trysts, and also Big invites his uncle Jerry to L.A. for the music video shoot.
Rob searches for a worthy skater to inherit his custom-built truck and also attempts to prank a journalist that called him a C-list celebrity in the Wall Street Journal.
Rob hires a polygrapher to discover out that defecated in his swimming pool, and also Big calls up a muralist to provide the pool a seascape makeover.
Rob and Big set out to find the fastest turtle in town after watching the slow-moving reptiles race at a local bar.
After struggling to land also themselves on the cover of a grain box, Rob and Big discover an agent for Meaty, resulting in the bulldog"s first modeling gig.
Hoping to obtain featured by Guinness World Records, Rob tries to break 20 skateboarding records, and also Big takes on 2 ceilings of his own.
Big enlightens Rob around the day-to-day obstacles he faces as an overweight male in America, and Rob walks a mile in Big"s shoes while spfinishing a day in a fat suit.
Rob and also Big fulfill a charitable ice cream man that unlocks their inner philanthropists, inspiring them to give earlier to the less fortunate and volunteer at a retirement residence.
Rob explores spiritual geomeattempt through a street shaman, hoping his new holistic practice will certainly assist him win the lottery and also improve his skateboarding abilities.
Big goes the extra mile to discover a nice woguy for Rob to work out dvery own through, and the guys experience some piloting mishaps while playing about with remote-regulate helicopters.
For Drama"s 2first birthday, Rob and also Big charter a party bus to Las Vegas, where they celebprice in style through gambling and also champagne, then consider capping things off through a head tattoo.
Rob goes all out for Meaty"s 14th birthday, and also Big fuels his 1979 Pinto with vegetable oil to make it more eco-friendly.
Pauly D, Nikki and their Jersey Shore pals return to assist Vinny uncover the woguy of his dreams on Double Swarm at Love Seaboy 3, premiering September 16 at 9/8c.
With the help of buddies choose Pauly D and also Nikki, it"s Vinny"s time to find the one on Double Swarm at Love Seaboy 3, premiering September 16 at 9/8c.
Join host Ken Jeong and celebrities choose Jhene Aiko, Saweetie, Seventeenager, Oliusing Munn and Daniel Dae Kim to stand with the AAPI community via See Us Unite for Change, Friday at 8/7c.

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Sebastian Maniscalco does his ideal to learn the important names for the 2019 VMAs prior to he hosts on August 26, but he"s acquired a long method to go.