The residents of Avonlea were the focus of this drama. The action took area in the beforehand 20th century in the Prince Edward Island tvery own in Canada. Based on the works of Canadian writer Lucy Maud Montgomery ("Ann of Environment-friendly Gables").

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Episode 1

The Journey Begins

Sun, Jan 7, 1990 60 mins

The daughter of a rich Montactual merchant is sent out to the tiny town of Avonlea on Prince Edward Island to live with her mother"s family members. Sarah Polley, Jackie Burroughs.

Episode 2

The Story Girl Earns Her Name

Sun, Jan 14, 1990 60 mins

Sara (Sarah Polley) befriends "awkward" Jasper Dale; then she recruits his aid, after she inadvertently helps a con man leave tvery own through the college library"s funds. Jasper: R.H. Thomchild. Aunt Hetty: Jackie Burroughs.

Episode 3

The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham"s

Sun, Jan 21, 1990 60 mins

Sick and grouchy Alexander Abraham"s farmhome is quarantined---just after Sara and Felix have actually damaged into it on a dare and busybody Rachel Lynde (Patricia Hamilton) has come searching for a young truant. Abraham: W.O. Mitchell. Marilla Cuthbert: Colleen Dewhurst. Sara Stanley: Sarah Polley. Felix: Zachary Bennett.

Episode 4

The Materializing of Duncan McTavish

Sun, Jan 28, 1990 60 mins

Marilla Cuthbert (Colleen Dewhurst) lies about a past marriage proposal and also makes up a beau. Then a traveling salesguy through that name arrives in town. Alec King: Cedric Smith. Sara Stanley: Sarah Polley.

Episode 5

Old Lady Lloyd

Sun, Feb 4, 1990 60 mins

Miss Lloyd catches the youngsters trespassing on her residential or commercial property. Sarah Polley, Zoe Caldwell.

Episode 6

Proof of the Pudding

Sun, Feb 11, 1990 60 mins

Chaos ensues when Felicity (Gema Zamprogna) is left in charge of the kids. Agnes Leslie: Doris Petrie. Mr. Simpkins: Paul Haddad. Sara: Sarah Polley. Hetty: Jackie Burroughs. Olivia: Mag Ruffguy.

Episode 7

The Conversion

Sun, Feb 18, 1990 60 mins

A missionary visits Avonlea, motivating Sara to transform hired boy Peter (Miklos Perlus)---that creates a crush on Felicity. Mrs. Ray: Barbara Gordon. Maud Craig: Fiona Reid. Sara Stanley: Sarah Polley. Aunt Hetty: Jackie Burroughs. Aunt Olivia: Mag Ruffman.

Episode 8

Aunt Abigail"s Beau

Sun, Feb 25, 1990 60 mins

Sara and Felicity attempt to persuade Abigail, Janet King"s sister, not to let her suitor get away after she refprovides him. Janet: Lally Cadeau. Aunt Hetty: Jacki Burroughs.

Episode 9

Malcolm and the Baby

Sun, Mar 4, 1990 60 mins

Malcolm weds Abigail; Sara discovers an abandoned infant, yet Rachel Lynde and also Aunt Hetty feud over custody of the son.

Episode 10

Witch of Avonlea

Sun, Oct 21, 1990 60 mins

Felix is having trouble with spelling at school and also Hetty and also Janet blame each other for his difficulties.

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Episode 11

Felicity"s Challenge

Sun, Oct 28, 1990 60 mins

Felicity threats losing a friendship by being too competitive while trying to win a bet.

Episode 12

The Blue Chest of Arabella King

Sun, Nov 4, 1990 60 mins

Sara, Felix and Felicity are fascinated via a mysterious chest in the attic, left there by a remote relative jilted at the altar many years earlier. Jasper Dale: R.H. Thomkid. Sara Stanley: Sarah Polley. Felix: Zachary Bennett. Felicity: Gema Zamprogna.