*What the…Friday? is a weekly Friday attribute in which I resuscitate a video clip relic from the swampy pits of Pop Culture Wasteland also.*

Today: What the Reunified on Ice?

You might have actually noticed I’ve been sdoing not have off via my blog lately. That is, if “lately” includes all of the previous 3 months.

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I will try to make it approximately you today. Due to the fact that this particular day I have actually a magnificent What the Friday? double attribute for you. That’s right, kids — not one yet two WTF? videos. And it isn’t also your birthday. Or possibly it is. Happy birthday, perhaps.

I recognize you’re on the edge of your seat with anticipation so let me simply put you out of your misery. Today I have actually for you the 1982 commercial for Riunite wine and the 1978 performance of the Reunited love song.

Before I begin, let me give a shout out to the three world who made today’s blog article feasible.

Thank you to Misty of the blog Misty’s Laws for calling my attention to the truth that this day is National Day of Redundancy National Day. That day is now. Or probably it was last month. Doesn’t matter. I will honor the day in my heart and also try to store it all the year.

Redundancy is the design template for this article around redundancy. More on that later on.

Now it is later. This short article is about redundancy.

Thank you likewise to Peg of the blog Peg-o-Leg’s Ramblings and Dave of the blog 1 Point Perspective for their tantalizing commentalooza around Riunite wine, which they so generously waged on my last WTF? article.

While these two WTF? videos may seem entirely unassociated, they are so a lot the exact same.

In truth, I don’t recognize wbelow the Riunite wine jingle ends and also the Peaches and also Herb Rejoined song starts.

I can’t think of one without the various other. I can’t think of either one without the other one. I can’t think. What?

I can’t think of reuniting without thinking of wine.

Does Riunite come in Peaches and Herb?

Both songs were musical scores that ran in the background of my ’80s childhood.

Both songs involve civilization.

Both are songs. And one is about a wine. And the other is about two people. Who can likewise drink wine.

And then one night in college while lying in my dorm room . . . examining, naturally . . . the song Rejoined came on the radio.

And, for whatever reason, I was reminded of Riunite wine. And then I assumed of the Riunite wine jingle. But I couldn’t really think of how the jingle went, what with the Rejoined song playing on the radio and all. And that led me to some deep thinking about which was which and were they even different? Is Riunite the Italian word for reunited? Should I order a pizza? Should I drink more wine? It was all one substantial thoughtful dilemma.

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So I made a decision to sleep on it. And then I woke up through a headache. That’s just how deeply I believed around it.