Martin’s second song was King Of The Road, complied with by even more one-liners based about his heavy drinking.

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Trailers for sale or rentRooms to let, fifty centsNo phone, no pool, no petsI ain't acquired no cigarettesAh, however..two hours of pushin' broomBuys an eight by twelve four-bit roomI'm a man of suggests by no meansKing of the roadThird boxvehicle, midnight trainDestination... Bangor, MaineOld worn out garments and shoesI don't pay no union duesI smoke old stogies I have actually foundShort, but not as well significant aroundI'm a guy of means by no meansKing of the roadI understand eextremely engineer on every trainAll of their children, and every one of their namesAnd every handout in eextremely townAnd eincredibly lock that ain't lockedWhen no one's aroundI singTrailers for sale or rentRooms to let, fifty centsNo phone, no pool, no pets(If we're lucky folks, he could finish)I ain't obtained no cigarettesI smoke old stogies I have actually foundBrief, however not as well significant around(Wait till he finds out he's not sitting down)I'm a man of suggests by no meansQueen of the road!King of the roadKing of the roadKing of the road

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Thankyou incredibly much, thankyou. No I'm not via, I'm just founding Jack! This surprised me as well, boy! I ain't also gained my shorts on backwards. Drink! Oh this is just a gag, I don't drink anyeven more. I freeze it now and I eat it prefer a popsicle. You simply remember a drink never hurt nobody at all, simply remember the good words of mister Joe E Lewis, he said "you're not drunk if you deserve to lay on the floor without holding on". "How would you know?"Joe and I were over in my den one morning, swimming, and also he blended himself a peculiar drink. I looked down at him and also sassist "what you drinking down tright here, Joe?". And he looked down at me, and he said "Scotch and carrot juice". I shelp "Why?", he shelp "I get drunk, but I watch good". You know I wanna say one thing in all seriousness. I feel sorry for you human being who don't drink. Causage when you wake up in the morning, that's as great as you're gonna feel all day!Well they're all waiting to come on, lets perform 6 or salso more then we'll come best off