Pulling someone down will certainly never help you reach the peak. That"s true bereason if you pull someone down, they will certainly treat you as their foe and they could obtain revenge to you. Even if pulling someone down will certainly make you one step closer to the peak, those people will certainly likewise pull you dvery own and will hindrance your means on height and make certain you"ll never reach it.

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: Using a clean sheet of paper (bond paper,stationary,clean paper)Write a letter to a friend.Share what you learned from your lesboy about "Summarizi…ng A Text"​
UCMulle political regimes.IV.ERROR RECOGNITION. Read and also analyze the complying with statements. All of them have words that makethem wrong. Find and also encirc …le the wrong words in each statement and on the room offered beforeeach number, create the correct word. (2 points each)21-22. According to the 1987 Constitution of the Philippines, the election is held eincredibly tenyears after 1992, on the second Monday of May.23-24. Electdental redevelop explains the process of introducing fair electdental systems wbelow theyare not in place, or improving the etop quality or effectiveness of existing units.25-26. The first Philippine political party, establiburned in 1900, was the Democratic Party, whichsupported peace and ultimate statehood.27-28. Elections in the Philippines are the arena in which the country's elite politicians competefor political power.29-30. The incumbent senator might run for two consecutive terms.​
Activity 3.Compare Me Compare and also comparison your experiences via the speaker in the text with diagram.​
Since our topic is about Public Speaking, you are expected to supply a short speech as part of your performance job.INSTRUCTIONS:1. Prepare a great f…or one minute persuasive speech around this topic: CONVINCE ME TO _______________________Examples: Convince me to learn how to cookConvince me to sign up with virtual classes. convince me to have actually a healthier diet PERFECT SCORE: 50 POINTS​
A.4. Application Direction: Write, T if the statement is TRUE, F if the statement is FALSE, NG if the statement is NOT GIVEN.​
Compose a three-paragraph story through 5 sentences each paragraph around your summer vacation making use of the pronouns and also their kinds.report nonsense ans…wer
E Instructions: Use appropriate adverbs of degree (a bit, a little, extremely, very, or pretty) according to the contend of the sentences given below.…36 I am exhausted. But I will try to come through you. 37. The arrangements of the birthday party were nice. One might not assist yet appreciate them 38. We deserve to think of some other area. This one is boring 39. The audience were spell bound. They preferred the speech a lot 40. She sings She have the right to try her hand at singing.​

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