Thursday, December 9th - Friday, December 10th: The quotation moved approximately 99.94786.

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Wednesday, December 8th: The rate of exreadjust fell aobtain, from 99.93524 to 99.56952.Tuesday, December 7th: The Indian rupee began to appreciate again versus the British currency, the GBP/INR exchange going down by 0.05419.Monday, December 6th: A moderate rise lugged the quote to the 99.98943 level.Friday, December 3rd: The GBP/INR cross reduced slightly, getting to 99.7619.Thursday, December 2nd: A 0.19839 get brought the British pound to Indian rupee exchange to 99.90251.Wednesday, December 1st: The GBP/INR quotation dropped to 99.70412.Friday, November 26th - Tuesday, November 30th: The pair was up for 3 trading days in a row, getting to 100.18128.Tuesday, November 2third - Thursday, November 25th: In three trading days, a total decrease of 0.73111 carried the British pound to Indian rupee quotation to 99.18429. This was the lowest reading in ten months.Monday, November 22nd: A 0.19838 addition carried the currency pair to 99.9154.Friday, November 19th: A second consecutive decrease carried the quote to the level of 99.71702 Indian rupees to the British pound.Wednesday, November 17th: The Indian rupee began to increase aobtain against the British currency; the GBP/INR exchange reduced to 99.92865.Tuesday, November 16th: The GBP/INR quote increased again, by 0.03458.Monday, November 15th: A modeprice obtain brought the rate of exreadjust to 99.97417.Friday, November 12th: A second consecutive loss lugged the GBP/INR quote to 99.63511.Thursday, November 11th: A sudden sharp decrease carried the price of exchange to 99.73228.

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GBP/INR Exchange rate - Historical data:

The cross rates on this web page are based upon the Reference Exchange Rates publimelted by the European Central Bank.

The referral rates are averages of buying and also selling prices versus the euro, calculated according to the daily concertation procedure in between central financial institutions within and external the European System of Central Banks, by paying due attention to ensuring that the published exadjust prices reflect the industry conditions prevailing at the moment of the day-to-day concertation procedure.

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Actual sector transactions are impacted by a number of determinants, such as place and also kind of transaction (buying or selling), and can be carried at various prices. This data is released for recommendation purposes just.