Our instructors are XPERT pole fitness certified and/or went via vigorous training, which indicates they have been trained to keep you safe. They understand also that no two bodies are achoose and they will occupational with you to get you fit at the best pace; YOUR pace.

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SpecializationsMaster Pole Instructor Floorwork/ExoticTwerkLap DanceLyra + Silks/Hammock

XPERT Certified pole instructor who has been poling given that 2013. Fancy initially found pole attfinishing a pole course for a friend’s birthday with her mom. While in course, she was fascinated by the pole and wanted to perform more than just dance approximately it, so she set out to find the perfect studio to train. Fancy prefers to trick yet has found her freestyle flow is prospering stronger and stronger (she use to hate Freestyle!). Born and also increased in Nashville, TN. Moved to Atlanta in 2008, however she still reps Nashville to the fullest.



SpecializationsMaster Pole InstructorFront Desk GuruPLUSH Creator - Curvy Girls Rock!Lap DanceLiquid Motion Certified/Floorwork

Pole instructor who has actually been poling given that 2017. Amethyst is a organic tomboy, but stumbled across Fit & Fancy Dance Studio’s open up residence in 2017 and also has actually been hooked ever before given that. I have to say she has currently uncovered her sensual side and continuously progressing everyday. Born and raised in Columbus, GA.


Koffe Brown

SpecializationsMaster Pole Instructor ExoticTwerkLap dance

XPERT Certified pole instructor that has been poling because 2016. Koffe’s pole journey started in Dhabi wbelow she became a pro at intermediate and also advanced tricks. Her passion is being a Trickster. She resituated earlier to ATL in 2017 and began her brand-new pole journey at Fit & Fancy Dance Studio & came to be an official instructor on February of 2019. Born in Charleston, SC however increased in Atlanta, GA because 5, making her a pure ATLien!


Cosmo Girl

SpecializationsPole InstructorTricksLatin Flavor Xpert Certified instructor since 2021. Cosmo Girl began poling in 2013 and also after an exceedingly lengthy break, began her journey aobtain at Fit & Fancy Dance Studio in 2018. Born and also raised in Puerto Rico, this Latin Diva has excelled in so many kind of points, such as instructed martial arts and her love of playing on the pole. Cosmo Girl considers herself a Trickster. For her, age is just a number not a limitation.



SpecializationsMaster Pole Instructor - ‘Body Wave Slayer’ExoticLap DanceHeel class

With over 8 years of pole experience; Risque’ is all around method and safety. Her sassy, sexy flow will certainly leave you coming earlier for also more! Technique is essential and also she absolutely has actually it.


SpecializationsPole InstructorAfro-Sexy CreatorLyra + Silks/HammockKids DanceJazz & More…

Pendu is an worldwide dancer, choreographer, instructor and trainer with credits including NIKE, Cirque Du Soleil, Debbie Gibboy, Paul McCartney , Royal Caribbean Cruise lines and also much more. She’s been poling considering that 2013 and teaching pole because 2016. Pendu contended in PSO in 2019 and won 1st area in Dramatic level 4 Masters. Her style combines dance through pole concentrating on strength, method and energy.

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Peppermint Spice

SpecializationsPole InstructorTwerkFloorwork

Peppermint Spice was born and increased in Washington, DC. She began her pole journey in 2019 at Fit & Fancy Dance Studio soon after relocating to ATL. She wanted to uncover a more fun and also artistic way to exercise. P. Spice loves to trick and also spin, yet additionally realizes that conditioning and also extending are vital facets to pole dance. Her goal is to share through others the contributions that pole dancing has actually lugged right into her life; fitness, self-love, and also confidence.

Company Hours

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