4 syther4 hitmonchan4 electabuzz(base set)---------Trainers18 of whatever trainers you want,just have actually 4 bill,and also 4 power removel---------power 11 fighting 10 electric 4 double colorless(use only for syther) this deck deserve to virtually take on anyone...

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Sorry to hack on your deck, I just do not favor it, I am trying to make it better, and even more aggressive.
I"d like you to understand that My Water Rebellion have the right to beat the Elite 4 in this game. I"d favor to see some of yours.
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A excellent deck I read in the Versus Books Pokémon TCG Guide is referred to as the Haybeater-Eevee. If you have the right to find the book, it has actually some good and stselection concepts for decks through ratings of eextremely card in the game and also methods.4 Eevee2 Flareon(L22)2 Jolteon(L24)2 Vaporeon(L29)4 Machop2 Jynx2 Mewtwo(L60)3 Scyther10 Fighting Energy11 Psychic Energy4 Double Colorless Energy4 Bill3 Professor Oak3 Computer Search3 Pokémon Trader1 Devolution SprayThis deck was developed to use any type of form of Pokémon, so if your opponent has actually a weakness, you have the right to take advantage of it.
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4 bulbasaur3 ivysaur3 venusaur (NOT card pop one)4 venonat3 venomoth1 abra1 kadabra1 alakazam4 bill3 pokedex4 pokemon trader4 pokemon breeder2 professor oak3 pokemon centers20 grass energy
a majr muggle deck that can make ur foe run out of card before it starts is:564 chanseysor for an attacking one,54 water enrgies2 pokeballs4 articunosthey work
-------------------Due to budobtain cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off. Thank you.
Unfortunately, in the GameBoy game your opponent does not draw any kind of cards if you acquire a muggle attract. Versus Books makes some remarkable low Pokemon decks.A excellent defense deck is Impregnable Barrier.4 Mewtwo(L53)55 Psychic Energy1 MaintenanceImpregnable Barrier uses Mewtwo"s Barrier attack to stall until your enemy runs out of cards. You simply put energy on Mew2 every revolve and usage Barrier. The Maintenance gets extra cards in your deck if you went first and your foe does not draw any type of extra cards.A powerful offense deck is Zapdos Megacheese.1 Zapdos(L68)28 Lightning Energy4 Professor Oak4 Energy Removal4 Computer Search4 Defender4 Item Finder2 Gust of Wind4 Potion2 Super Potion3 Full HealZapdos Megacheese uses the Legendary Zapdos and its Big Thunder to inflict 70 damage to your foe every rotate once you have sufficient energy. Due to the fact that Zapdos is the just Pokemon you have in play its assault will certainly never hurt you. The trainers aid store Zapdos alive lengthy enough for you to claim every one of your prizes.
I don"t have the game yet this is my (60 card) deck in actual life:Pokemon:2 eevees (jugle) Lv121 eevee (it has actually that "temple" sinbel on it) Lv141 eevee (Rocket) Lv91 seel Lv121 charmander Lv101 kangaskhan (jugle) Lv401 vaporeon (jugle) Lv422 dark vaporeon (Roket) Lv281 light flareon (it has that funny "srat" on it) Lv371 flareon (jugle) Lv281 charmeleon lv321 light dewgong (it has that funny "srat" on it) Lv40Trainers:1 the rocket"s trap1 energy retieval3 potions1 power removal1 super potion1 bill1 TV reporter (supporter card)1 recycle1 respond to cregulations (pokemon tool card)1 pekedex3 gust of winds1 balloon berryEnergys:20 fire energys9 water energys
I have some good decks,I"ll short article "em later,they really are great... One provides Alakazam,Gengar,and also Charizard plus a Breeder card for some quick evolving.And the Bill card for quick axcess to cards.

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okay I"m not completely awesome but, I know way even more than you males. I"m a fire fanatic so listen to my "riddle-me-this deck"pokemon4x blaine"s growlithe (15 17 17 20)2x blaine"s Arcanine3x blaine"s vulpix (18 18 9)2x blaine"s ninetales3x blaine"s ponyta (11 11 13)2x blaine"s rapidash2x blaine"s magmar 1x blaine"s tauros1x blaine"s kangaskhan1x entei ex24x fire energy2x cinnabar city gym2x fisherman3x pokedex2x blaine"s quiz #31x blaine"s quiz #21x blaine1x fevor1x blaine"s last resort2x potionNow please tell me if you deserve to top that Blaine"s deck.