If you’ve been functioning towards ending up being the best trainer you can be in Pokémon Sun or Moon over the past few weeks, odds are that you have actually began to fight versus the leveling restrictions eexceptionally Pokémon game is well-known for. This time approximately, it appears prefer leveling up your dream team is a tiny even more difficult compared to previous versions too, but that’s probably because the advance team has tucked ameans a couple of little secrets right into the game you may have actually missed.

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Here’s a couple of tips and also tricks for leveling up your Pokémon as fast as possible.

Obtain the Lucky Egg

Similar to the Lucky Egg consumable in Pokémon GO, the Lucky Egg item in Pokémon Sun and also *Moon is supplied to double all endure the Pokémon holding it gains in battles while playing. To obtain the Lucky Egg for yourself in-game, you’ll have to finish the major area of the game and pack earlier in when the credits roll. Head ago to Melemele Island and also pay your mommy a visit, then go south in the direction of Professor Kukui’s home and Pokémon lab. Once inside, sheight to the Professor as soon as you have 50 or even more Pokémon registered in your Pokédex (by catching them), and also he will certainly award you via the Lucky Egg. This will administer 50% more suffer to Pokémon in battle, making it a must-have actually once leveling. Here’s an comprehensive how-to on figuring it all out:

Some players have reported being able to acquire the Lucky Egg previously in the game by collecting 50 Pokémon on Melemele Island also prior to leaving for Akala Island and also then speaking with the Professor, however we haven’t been able to test this out ourselves. It’s definitely worth a swarm though!


The Battle Buffet

Once you’ve got a team of experienced Pokémon (40+), the Battle Buffet on Melemele Island is going to be your essential ticket to leveling up any type of additional Pokémon you desire to train for your team. You’ll find the Battle Buffet in Hau’oli City in the mall situated by the Shopping District. Head up to the counter and sheight via the hostess to enter the buffet for 1,200 PokéDollars. Here, your goal is to collect as much food as possible in 10 turns, but whenever you grab some, you’ll have to participate in a Pokémon Battle via a trainer. They’ll begin out at low levels, however once you become a more effective trainer they will certainly start to evolve into even more formidable enemies.

The crucial right here is to pick your strongest Pokémon and also then lug alengthy one or 2 lower-level ones you’re looking to train. Hand also them the Lucky Egg, then use the Exp Share item while battling trainers repeatedly through your higher-level Pokémon — just make sure you have the right to one-hit KO eincredibly trainer’s Pokémon to make it in the 10 transforms you have actually. Experience will certainly start to pour in for your lower-level Pokémon as you steamroll with trainers through your max-level Pokémon, and also they’ll capture up in no-time. Just remember, the more you carry, the even more endure is common, leading to a slower leveling time. Unfortunately, you can just use the Buffet when per day though compared to the restaurant in Pokémon X and also Y, which limits its effectiveness compared to grinding in wild and trainer Pokémon battles.


Kcurrently Your Respective Leveling Areas

No issue where you’re currently at in the main storyline behind Pokémon Sun or Moon, tright here will always be an optimal leveling spot through powerful Pokémon for you to train your entire team through. Since the Battle Buffet is restricted to one usage per day, you’ll regularly have to defer to training your team in the wild rather of continually running through the food gauntlet prefer you might previously, which suggests you must pick a couple of spots you can autumn ago on when training your team.

Eincredibly time the game urges you to move on to the next island, we recommend you take some time and pick a area to grind out a few levels fighting wild Pokémon. This not only offers you a unique advantage once you move on, yet additionally enables you to fill out your Pokédex via plenty of new entries from the island you’re around to leave.

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Melemele Island is organize to Ten Carat Hill, which will be the finest place to grind out some levels for your whole Pokémon team till about level 15 or so. Once you’ve got to Akala, Paniola Ranch and also Akala Outskirts are going to be your finest bet to reach level 30 plus, which will certainly gain you right into Vast Poni Canyon where wild Pokémon are usually 40 or better. You’ll additionally find high-level Pokémon around the Altar of the Sunne (or Moone), uncovered at the end of Vast Poni Canyon that you can grind levels on too.