Cottage cheese and peanut butter is made by ssuggest stirring a scoop or 2 of peanut butter right into a serving of cottage cheese. This probably is not something you are going to serve to party guest. Let’s challenge it, you would most likely show up a little bit odd and the combination does not particularly portray class. However before, the combination does serve a function for some world.  

Why eat cottage cheese through peanut butter?

The combicountry of cottage cheese and also peanut butter outcomes in a high protein and also reduced carb snack. These forms of foodstuffs are specifically appealing to bodybuilders or athletes that need the protein to construct lean muscle, yet don’t desire to include a ton of carbs to their diet. Furthermore, it is a lot faster and easier to make than other high protein/low carb foods items choose skinless chicken breasts, fish, or eggs.cottage cheese and peanut butter nutrition

Cottage cheese and also peanut butter nutrition fact

Let’s say you mix 2 tablespoons of peanut butter via a half cup of cottage cheese. What sort of nutrition is in this combination? You will obtain 21 grams of protein and approximately 10 grams of carbs (check out the table below). The downside is that the calories of 272 are on the high side, however the numbers are still solid in its entirety. Admittedly, the nutrition of cottage cheese and peanut butter is not as valuable as something like canned tuna that has around 27 grams of protein, 0 carbs, and only 145 calories per fifty percent cup. However before, cottage cheese and peanut does administer an alternate to various other typical high protein foods that you might be sick of eating.

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Cottage Cheese and also Peanut Butter Nutrition Facts

 Serving SizeCaloriesProteinFatCarbohydratesFiberSugarsCottage Cheese Lowfat (1% Milkfat)1/2 Cup (113g)8114 g1.15 g3.07 g0 g3.07 gPeanut Butter (Smooth Style)2 Tbsp (32g)1917.11 g16.44 g7.14 g1.6 g3.36 gTotals145 g27221.11 g17.59 g10.21 g1.6 g6.43 g
Source: USDA Nutrient Database

How Does It Taste?

We obviously are huge fans of cottage cheese since this site is devoted to it. We additionally love peanut butter to the suggest wright here we could eat spoonfuls direct from the container. However, somepoint was simply off once combining the 2 foods. The tangy taste of the cottage cheese seemed amplified because of the peanut butter. Also, the peanut butter seemed to take on an unpleasant added nutty flavor. We didn’t try to include extra mix-ins bereason we were so turned off by the taste. However before, it potentially required something even more prefer honey or jelly to balance the seasonings.While we were not fans of cottage cheese and peanut butter, we understand also why world eat it. Some world just don’t favor the taste of cottage cheese and also toleprice it for the high protein and other nutrition worths. Adding peanut butter helps cottage cheese come to be even more tolerably for some. Also, some civilization simply just favor the combination.

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We really wish we were one of those human being.Let us understand your thoughts around cottage cheese and also peanut butter in the comments below. Do you favor the combination, if you have tried it? What perform you add to your cottage cheese, if anything?