When we first accomplish Oarray Is the New Black’s Piper Chapmale, she’s a fish out of water. If we didn’t already understand Piper was a prikid novice, her maxi pad shower shoes, organized together with a solitary hair tie, make it painfully obvious. Taystee, a more seasoned prisoner, instantly lets the audience know that actual flip-flops are easily accessible in the Litcharea Penitentiary commissary, however Piper is so fresh, her money hasn’t arrived yet. Necessity is the mom of innovation and for this reason her toileattempt shoes were born. So, I made a decision to take a web page out of her book and make some Orange Is the New Black maxi pad shower shoes for myself.

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But, when Piper’s money still hasn’t come in a few episodes later, we learn her shoes aren’t the just “couture” shower footwear in the jail. The commissary doesn’t bring a dimension 13, so Sophia has fashioned her very own shower sandals from duct tape. Piper’s soggy pads are pitiful alongside Sofia’s silver slippers, which also function arch support! And, someexactly how, Sophia is pulling them off (yet what can’t Laverne Cox pull off?). Sophia also fabulously points out that, “Metallics are very in this seaboy.” Totally on suggest.


So, how would these makeshift shower flip-flops hold up IRL? I crafted one maxi pad shoe and also one duct tape shoe to check out which one functioned better, so you don’t have to. And I really hope you don’t need to.

Step 1: My Supplies


OK, I made two shoes utilizing nopoint however maxi pads, a roll of duct tape, and also, of course, a single hair tie. To include to the level of authenticity, I carried out the experiment in my basement, which has actually a terrifying shower from the original owner’s coal miner days. What have the right to I say? I was committed to the bit.

Step 2: Making The Shoes


For Piper’s shoes, it was pretty simple: two maxi pads stuck together, adhesive spilgrimage side to adhesive sexpedition side, via a maxi pad band. For Sophia’s shoes, I tried to perform her arch assistance and craftsmanship justice. I started prefer Piper’s through a maxi pad base, but this time I added a third pad to the inside heart in order to produce a wider, cozier shoe through an arch. I then wrapped the pad twice in duct tape and provided the tape to shape/widen the shoe.

Tip 3: Taking Them For A Spin


Before hopping in the shower, I tried on the shoes and also got my bearings. The pads felt favor they can offer at any type of minute.

Tip 4: Predictions


I took off the shoes after a dry run and inspected them. The duct tape shoe was already molding to my foot and also honestly just felt choose a consistent Adidas sandal. My money was on silver.

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Tip 5: Just Add Water

Water rolled off the resistant duct tape, and also the maxi pads — surpincrease, surpincrease — absorbed ALL of the water.

Step 6: Diaper Foot

Guys, tbelow is nothing that can accurately explain the sensation of a heavy, saturated, bloated maxi pad on your foot. Other than, I had a major instance of diaper foot. I cannot emphadimension this enough: Maxi pad shoes IRL are mainly inreliable and useless after one wear. But, what did I really think was going to take place with super-absorbent pads?

Step 7: Results

If you’re in a dorm, summer camp, or women’s prichild shower case, leave the maxi pads for their intfinished usage and also give duct tape shoes a shot. They are actually brilliant, super reliable, comfortable, and will hold up after more than one wash. Snaps to Sophia for her smart invention!