“The connection in between the variables sex(Gender), weight, height, repwt and repht” Specifically comparing stated height and weight vs Actual in addition to sex(gender) as an included variable.

Author: “Jonathan Epstein” date: “Sunday, March 1st, 2015”

Introduction: I will be comparing the connection in between the five variables listed in the title via different regression models. The preliminary information called “Davis” within the automobile package is wbelow this regression evaluation is derived from. It is hard to determine which variable is the dependent and also the independent.

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Each of the five variables, sex, weight, elevation along with reported weight and elevation are connected.Here I want to see the difference in between Actual weight and elevation via reported weight and elevation. I want to see if each variable are correlated and/or statistically significant.


plot(repht ~ height, data = Davis)abline(lm(repht ~ height, data = Davis))


plot(repwt ~ weight+sex, information = Davis)


abline(lm(repwt ~ weight+sex, information = Davis))## Warning in abline(lm(repwt ~ weight + sex, information = Davis)): just utilizing the## initially two of 3 regression coefficients


plot(repht ~ height+sex, information = Davis)