Tagline –They’re the last 2 alive… But when they accomplish, just one will certainly make it through.

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Who’s our hero today?Kicking and smashing his way to revenge is our ninja warrior Cho Osaki played by the actual deal Shô Kosugi.

Had I seen this one on VHS earlier in the day?I’ve come to realise the mind isn’t constantly trusted once you jump back to memories. I’d seen this roughly 35 years back. I have a funny feeling that many movies about that time all blended together in my mind to make one massive movie. Franko Nero fighting alongside Sho Kosugi. Now through the ease of Google I view that Revenge Of The Ninja the second in the Ninja trilogy with Go into The Ninja (1981) coming initially and Ninja III The Domination (1984) finishing it up. Big result for me not recalling that much. As this photo is so freaky crazy you feel favor jumping up excitedly halfmeans with it and also begin shadow fighting like you did as a son.

Rapid plot run down.After all his family, apart from his infant child, are sadly butchered by rampaging evil ninja’s Cho decides to start a new life in Salt Lake City in the Untied States. As an skilled doll maker, Cho opens up a doll shop via his friend and also business partner Braden. Little does Cho recognize that his dolls are being supplied to import heroin into the country. So a battle between a brutal unstoppable ninja and a mafia crime lord is around to tear negative Cho’s life in fifty percent yet again! Is he all set to fight the most ultimate battle against the odds? You betcha.

Does the hero have actually a day job?A perfectionist doll maker.

What’s our heroes one-of-a-kind skills?All manner of martial art abilities learnt and passed dvery own via many kind of years. With his Ninjutsu abilities he have the right to likewise conjure up tricks and illusion’s once essential. Also he has a strong fearless, never before provide up perspective.

Heroes weapon of choice?He has actually eincredibly ninja weapon he requirements. Swords, throwing stars, spikes, arrows and also cregulations.

Heroes drink of choice?No time for drinking as the non-speak action would not enable it.

Does hero have actually a sidekick?He is assigned by the police an Amerihave the right to Karate champion called Dave Hatcher (Keith Vitali) that joins Cho on a couple of goals. He likewise has actually his boy Kane (Kane Kosugi) to look after but this kid has been trained well by his father and have the right to take treatment of himself. He fly’s and punches everywhere the area. Kane might kick Brief Round ass from Indiana Jones and also the Temple of Doom (1984).

Hot girl? Damsel in dianxiety or ass kicker?Cathy (Ashley Ferrare) is a karate and also ninja learning kid minder and doll shop helper I think? But does she have a twin side? She’s a feisty girl, deserve to fight, gets a wet t-shirt moment and also likes to flirt. While training with Cho she’s just wearing her top!Cathy –I just desire you to teach me the wayCho Osaki –Well, if you wanna job-related out, you foracquired your pants!Cathy –Do you really think I forgot?

Who’s the main baddie?Is that Will Ferrell’s Dad? Braden (Arthur Roberts) is the silver mask ninja of death. After his ideal lhelp plans offering off the drugs goes side means he now hregarding attend to the regional mafia boss Caifano (Mario Gallo). Braden goes right into stealth mode. No one is safe as all manner of fatality comes each and eextremely way.

Baddies distinct skills?Eextremely Ninjutsu skill in the book and more. With no morals this ninja is a ruthless killing machine.

Psycho baddies rating out of ten? 10/10Full on psycho Ninja levels.

Heroes balls of steel and anger ratings out of ten? 10/10A true understand of the arts however against a enemy as strong as him he’s gonna need that little bit extra.

Surely it attributes a training montage scene?A bit little bit of training for his son Kane, that by the means is Shô Kosugi real child.

Does it feature an impossible mission?Not for these ninja’s yet for us eincredibly day folk! Shiiiiiiit we be goners in minutes.

Will I be needing to pausage the video player? AKA are tright here any kind of boobies?On consulting the IMDB parents overview area on nudity. Imaging my surprise when I notification a rookie mistake. Tright here was one quote that was ok “A couple has sex in a tub. Butts and also breasts deserve to be checked out. Tbelow is moaning also.” yet the guide fails to alert on the second scene “A woman’s bare butt and crotch have the right to be viewed once she perdevelops karate in one scene.” On my closer inspection the bare butt and crotch in question were actually covered through skin coloured tights rendering the bare, un-bare! So there you go, it does pay to have actually this question! Just tell that to all the straight messperiods of hate mail I store getting!!…. Only joking.

Sex scene?Kind of answered over yet I let you understand they are in truth murdered in the act! With the cop saying “The Coroner claims it’s gonna take a jackhammer to gain them apart!

Any good completely random surprise scenes?The entirety film is crazy random. They throw every little thing at you. You get hypnotreatment, warm and also water torture, bloody deaths, a fighting granny and a full on Ninja vs American Indian fight. You gain countless mafia gangsters, a gay cowboy, a biker and also a French hat wearing thug. Axe strikes, wrestling take down moves, bullet dodging, magic tricks. Then add bit bits of comedy and also nudity. This film is certified nuts.

Films body count? Low/Medium/High? Must be making it’s means to triple figures…….

Innocent baddie death rate?Four friends simply chilling on a park bench. Four odd friends I should add. You acquired a hefty metal biker thug, an annoyed, camp looking cowboy, a black male in sporting activities gear through a ghetto blaster and also a kamikaze guy! Still, they simply minding their very own organization when……. the next minute they being kick senseless by Cho and also Dave.

Explosion ratio? Low/Medium/High?If I’m hoswarm I can’t remember as I was so taken in my all the action. I’m gonna go for tool.

How many kind of stuntmales more than likely really passed away making this film?There’s a stuntman who challenge plants a shpermit water function that have to of hurt! Plus there were men flying out of relocating cars, being kicked in the head, shooting off structures. Just the fight scenes alone must of resulted in many kind of bruises. They all did a grand also task.

Any cool vehicle chases?Who demands a vehicle when Cho is a ninja terminator. In a blooming frantic scene he chases down a Dodge camper van via 3 hoodlums who have just assaulted him and also robbed his shop. Jumping on the roof, attacking through the side windows and also them shattering through the front windscreen. All the time the van is relocating as punches and also kicks rain dvery own choose wildfire. There’s fights, bulallows and also Tomahawk axes. A brilliant scene.

Best linesCho Osaki –Only a ninja have the right to speak a ninja.

Any various other familiar faces and also actors pop up?Don Shanks was the Native Amerihave the right to called Nakoma who was friends with James “Grizzly” Adams in the a lot loved wilderness series in the seventies dubbed The Life and also Times of Grizzly Adams with Ben the bear.It was a nice surpincrease to watch Professor Toru Tanaka pop up as I’d simply viewed him playing Subzero in The Running Man (1987)

Production CreditsRevenge Of The Ninja is directed by that guy that loves a great Ninja romp, Sam Firstenberg. Check my testimonial for his American Ninja (1985) for additionally films he has actually directed.It is created by James R Silke that also operated on Ninja III The Domination (1984), King Solomon’s Mines (1985) and that one through the muscle twins? The Barbaric Brother’s David and Peter Paul in the fantasy adundertaking The Barbarians (1987)

Cheese-O-Meter! Low/Medium/High?This is super high on the cheese dips yet thank the ninja gods for it as we wouldn’t want it any type of various other method.

IMDB score rating – 6.1/10

Wolfmale ACTION & FUN rating – 10/10

Wolfman over all film rating – 6.5/10

Closing thoughts………………………………………….OH MY! this movie is ridiculous fun. It starts real poor via the Ninja strike fight scenes, allows be hocolony, via rather bad staged fighting. However before as soon as they get to America it really starts to ramp up the fight choreography and all I deserve to say is “all fuckin hell breaks loose!“. The carnage and also mayhem is pumelted to the MAX. All the ninja tricks and also tools are thrvery own at you in as brutal manner as they have the right to. As blowpipes, swords, nunchaku, throwing stars and also that chain and axe point ninjas used dubbed a kusarigama. You acquire scantily clad girls, nooky scenes, gore, gangsters and also a fighting old lady. It’s wondercompletely bonkers and also a right riot of a laugh.

PS At time of writing Revenge Of The Ninja is on Netflix.

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Feel totally free to let me recognize your thoughts on the movies if you want however please don’t feel you should as I know it’s pretty relentmuch less this month. However before, most crucial, have actually fun through the movies.