It"s a story as old as time: you obtain the itch to adjust up your look and decide a lob is simply what you need, just to experience hair regret the next day. But unfavor a breakup, brief hair doesn"t have to be forever before. And also unfavor a breakup, once your previous comes knocking at your door, we say go for it! What"s a girl to do? The answer: clip-in hair extensions, with which you have the right to reap the best of both worlds—short hair and lengthy hair—with absolutely no commitment and also no damages to your own hair.

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To lug you the best tips and tricks on how to clip in and blfinish hair extensions with brief hair (even a lob), we"ve enprovided the aid of Pia Muehlenbeck, one of our favorite travel and lifestyle YouTubers. Pia"s infamed lob (long bob) is part of her identity, but if you follow her on Instagram, you"ll notice that her hair length changes from brief to long instantly in between photographs. Using hair extensions, Pia brings earlier her long hair whenever before she wants, and also has actually mastered the art of blending hair extensions via her short hair. 

If you have trouble with hair extensions for brief hair, see the video below or scroll dvery own for action by action instructions exactly how to go from brief hair to long hair seamlessly.


8 hacks to blfinish hair extensions through short hair

1. Use a thick set


Pia supplies 2 sets of various colors and also blends them in addition to her organic hair. She provides the 220g Ombre Chestnut and 220g Ombre Blonde Set, layering wefts from each collection on top of each other to produce a mixed result. Regardless, if you are using a single set, always opt for our heaviest 220g collection, since you will call for more hair to transition from the shorter pieces to much longer pieces seamlessly.

Make certain to brush your hair out making use of a Loop Hair Extensions Brush prior to clipping in your extensions.

2. Pin the bottom area of your hair away


This is a really great hack for blfinishing hair extensions with brief hair to hide those peskies telltale shorter pieces at the nape of your neck. Section your hair so only a tiny bit of it is left at the bottom, and also clip the rest of the hair away. Back comb this remaining section and twist or brassist it, then pin it level versus the nape of your following via some bobby pins. This is where you’ll be clipping in your first weft of extensions.

3. Mix and also complement colors for included dimension


Pia uses two sets of Luxy Hair extensions: 220g Ombre Chestnut and 220g Ombre Blonde. With these sets, Pia tackled 2 significant extensions challenges: just how to blend hair extensions via short hair, and also exactly how to blend hair extensions through highlights or multi-toned hair. Using 2 different colors tricks the eye by including measurement and depth to the hair. Anvarious other alternative is to try out balayage hair extensions for included color.

If using 2 colors, simply alternative the 2 colors when clipping the extensions in to achieve a seammuch less blend. A bonus? This creates herbal looking sun-kissed highlights without spfinishing any time out in the sun! 


4. Tease the roots for included grip


You may uncover that you require some included organize at the roots, particularly if you have finer hair. To add grip to your herbal hair, tease it by earlier combing the strands.

5. Go better than usual

Keep in mind, once you are clipping in your hair extensions for brief hair, your goal is to cover as a lot of your organic brief hair as possible. This indicates that you will certainly find that your extensions will certainly sit a lot greater on your head, which is entirely fine. Continue clipping in the remainder of your hair extensions until you’ve got to the optimal of your head. 


6. Create a super long mega-weft to cover brief layers


Once you have got to the widest point of your head, which will certainly be in line with your eyebrows, clip in 2 3-clip wefts side by side. You will certainly be laying them next to each various other, and they will certainly overlap slightly in the back. In Pia"s tutorial, she creates one long mega-weft that lays throughout the whole ago of her head, covering up all her shorter layers.

Clip in your last four clip wefts the same way at the ago of your hair. By doing this, you can lock down all the other wefts you have clipped in your hair and allow you to have actually one cohesive weft that covers all the rest.

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7. Add face-framing pieces in the front

Pia reduced both her 3-clip wefts so that the sections towards the front of her face are shorter. This creates confront framing layers, which blfinish into shorter layers more normally. Since Luxy Hair extensions are made with 100% remy human hair, they have the right to be cut and also styled simply prefer your very own herbal hair, however, we recommend to take your extensions to your hairstylist to be reduced by a professional!

Additionally, finish off by clipping in your individual clip wefts at whichever before location you feel demands more volume and also size. Pia likes placing a few ideal behind her ears. Make sure to put in the dark ones in first, and also then location the lighters one closer to your challenge.

8. Add waves and curls 


A time conserving guideline is to curl your extensions prior to hand also. Use a Hair Extensions Carrier, to clip your extensions on for basic and quick curling. If you perform this before, the hardest part is pretty a lot done! You’ll just should touch up via a couple of curls to blend your herbal hair with the extensions. Once you clip your wefts in, curl each shorter strand also with a item of the longer strands, and use a straightener if require be to curl any type of shorter ends inward. Finally, curl your height layer of hair to accomplish a smooth, seamless change. 

Do you have actually brief hair? What are your ideal tips as soon as it comes to wearing extensions? Let us recognize in the comments below - we love hearing from you! If you try this approach be sure to share your prior to and also after transdevelopment by tagging us on Instagram