Even though we currently know August’s fairytale identity, tbelow hasn’t yet been any type of explacountry of what the name “August W. Booth” itself actually suggests. “August Wayne Booth” does anagram to “Scurrently, a difficult beauty,” for whatever that is worth. At this allude, I think the name is many likely a nod to Wayne Booth (creator of the term “undependable narrator”), as a referral to the lies that August has told. But if so, what does “August” stand also for?

Initial article below:


These 4 polls are around August W. Booth, aka the Mysterious Stranger, aka the man in the babsence leather jacket.

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The options in the polls come from some of the theories suggested in previous comment sections, plus a couple of even more I added. I tried to provide credit, wbelow I might, to the initially perkid who posted each theory. Thank you to everyone who common their ideas!

If you have actually even more ideas or want to sophisticated on existing ones, please leave a comment below.——————————————————-Update March 4, 2012, 8:00 PM Eastern time (ideal prior to “Dreamy” aired)

The polls are currently closed!

Rundown of results:

A big majority of the voters (74 percent) assumed that August W. Booth was the author of Henry’s original book.

The vote was closer on the question of whether August W. Booth will be Emma’s true love, with 57 percent voting yes and 43 percent voting no. This vote was neck-in-neck for several days, yet then the “yes” votes began taking the lead in the end.

The poll asking “Who is August W. Booth?” had actually 12 choices. The clear winner is he is just one of the Grimm brothers, which obtained 26 percent of the vote. Other famous answers are that he is Rumpelstiltskin’s kid (15 percent), Henry, grown up (11 percent), “Other” (10 percent), someone who has actually always been hiding in Storybrooke (9 percent), and also Pinocchio (8 percent).

The question around the definition of August W. Booth’s name had actually eight choices. The height three answers were extremely close: That his name describes Wayne Booth, the literary movie critic who coined the term “untrusted narrator” (24 percent); that it is an anagram (24 percent); and “Other” (23 percent). In fourth location was that “booth” (interpretation a short-term shelter) referred to the wardrobe wbelow the newborn Emma was placed (16 percent).

The comment section is still open, so please write-up if you’d prefer to comment on any kind of of the theories.

I’m looking forward to finding out the answers and seeing how we did! In the PaleyFest panel conversation on March 4, the show’s producers shelp that we would find out the fact around Booth at some time this seaboy.

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Is August W. Booth the author of Henry’s original book?

What is the definition of August W. Booth’s name?

Who is August W. Booth?

Will August W. Booth be Emma’s true love?

The original comments, and more, are from the comments to the recap articles for Episode 10, Episode 11, and Episode 13.

I’ll cshed the polls to voting before the next episode starts (which will certainly be on March 4), in instance that episode contains any kind of of the answers. Then we deserve to watch just how good we are at guessing!

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David|February 24, 2012 at 12:48 am|Reply
Keneesha|February 27, 2012 at 7:49 pm|Reply

I was thinking Booth is the boy that uncovered Emma on the road. I don’t respeak to the short article on that story reflecting his name so I don’t recognize if that’s feasible for sure. Whoever he is, I wish they’d hurry and start providing us some more ideas, besides the reality that he’s a writer and also he’s interested in the book. If that is future Henry it would make feeling on how he kbrand-new wbelow to discover the book. But then there’s the question how did he acquire there? Did he obtain transported via the actors of Lost throughout their last 2 seasons of time travel?

mign82|February 28, 2012 at 3:30 pm|Reply

I think that he is Pinocchio and let me explain why. In the standard story, Pinnochio is originally made of timber and then transcreated into a huguy boy. It’s possible that, in the fairytale worls, he was made with the same hardwood as the wardrobe. Once he became a genuine boy, some of that magic was still in him, which implies that he was not impacted by the curse. Once he arrived in our people, he remembered whatever. He uncovered Emma by the side of the road and also gained older just favor her. Now that he knows that she is in Storybrooke, he adhered to her tright here to help her remember the curse.Anymethod, this is simply a theory. But I love it!