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"Arthur"s Theme (Best That You Can Do)" is a song perdeveloped and also co-created by Amerihave the right to singer-songwriter Christopher Cross, which was the major template for the 1981 film Arthur starring Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli. The song won the Osvehicle for Best Original Tune in 1981. In the US, it got to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and on the Hot Adult Conshort-lived charts during October 1981, continuing to be at the optimal on the Hot 100 for three consecutive weeks. Overseas, it additionally saw number one on the VG-lista chart in Norway, and also was a peak ten hit in several other countries. The song came to be the second and also last American number one hit by Christopher Cross. It was included as a bonus track just on the CD & Cassette versions of his second album Another Page, released in 1983. The B-side of document, "Minstrel Gigolo," was the exact same song supplied on the back of Cross"s debut single, "Ride Like the Wind." Indie pop band Fitz and also The Tantrums tape-recorded a cover of this song for the soundtrack to the 2011 remake of the film.even more »

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Once in your life you"ll uncover herSomeone that turns your heart aroundAnd next thing you knowYou"re closin" dvery own the townWake up and also she"s still via youEven though you left her method throughout townYou"re wonderin" to yourselfHey what"ve I foundWhen you get captured in between the moon and New York CityI know it"s crazy however it"s trueIf you obtain recorded between the moon and also New York CityThe best that you deserve to execute (the finest that you can do)The finest that you have the right to execute is autumn in loveArthur he does what he pleasesAll of his life his master"s toysAnd deep in his heartHe"s just he"s simply a boyLivin" his life one day at a timeHe"s showing himself a really excellent timeHe"s laughin" about the wayThey desire him to beWhen you gain captured in between the moon and New York CityI know it"s crazy but it"s trueIf you obtain captured between the moon and also New York CityThe finest that you deserve to carry out (the ideal that you can do)The finest that you deserve to perform is autumn in love

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Christopher Cross Christopher Cross (born Christopher Charles Geppert; May 3, 1951) is an Amerideserve to singer-songwriter from San Antonio, Texas. His debut album earned him five Grammys. He is maybe best recognized for his US Top Ten hit songs, "Sailing", "Ride Like the Wind", and also "Arthur"s Theme (Best That You Can Do)", the last of which he taped for the film Arthur starring Dudley Moore. "Sailing" earned 3 Grammy Awards in 1981, while "Arthur"s Theme" won the Osvehicle for Best Original Song in 1981 (via co-composers Burt Bacharach, Caduty Bayer Sager and also Peter Allen). more »

Written by: Burt Bacharach, Christopher Cross, Peter Woolnough Allen, Caduty Bayer Sager