I have come throughout this phrase a lot and also upon browsing it, I did not uncover any kind of interpretation of it in any type of virtual complimentary dictionary I consulted. Does it mean "on the various other hand"?

Example: On the various other end of the spectrum, in Switzerland, characterised by Yates as taking an active strategy to the treatment of <...> (From Linguee)

Anvarious other example: As rapporteur, I have consulted commonly on this problem and examined eextremely option from one finish of the spectrum to the other. (From Linguee)

Can anyone tsoimg.org me what it means?

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A spectrum is a vast variety, and also the "ends of the spectrum" are the points at each finish of the array, or the extremes.

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"At the various other end of the spectrum" suggests "at the various other extreme" or "in sharp contrast".

"From one end of the spectrum to the other" suggests "from one too much to the other extreme".

For reference:

Spectrum: Used to classify somepoint in regards to its place on a scale in between 2 excessive points. ‘the left or the ideal of the political spectrum’2.1: A wide selection. ‘self-help publications are extending a broader and bigger spectrum’ Lexico

Spectrum: a variety of different positions, opinions, and so on. in between 2 too much points. The group consists of students from both ends of the social spectrum (= array of social classes). Cambridge

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A literal spectrum is a rainbow of colours. Although each colour blends smoothly into the following colour (so nobody have the right to say just how many kind of there are) The 2 ends of the spectrum: red and also blue, are exceptionally different from each various other.

Figuratively a spectrum is when tright here is a selection of various forms, with no clear jumps in between types, however a clear difference in between the two ends.

So tbelow is a social spectrum from low course human being to high course civilization. Tright here is a political spectrum from left wing to best wing. And there are many various other examples.

The finish sof the pectrum are the different two extreme different kinds. So the ends of the political spectrum are the communist on one end and neo-nazi on the various other.

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answered Sep 19 "20 at 17:54

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