A velvety smooth Soft Matte Lip Cream delivers a burst of creamy shade and sets to a stunning matte end up. Surprisingly durable, lightweight and delightfully creamy,

Here are the Nyx soft cream matte lipsticks on medium and also dark skin tones. From left to best you deserve to view just how Copenhagen, Transylvania, Paris, Havanna, Seoul and also Rome look.

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I personally love Copenhagen and also Transylvania, yet had some obstacle with Paris and Seoul which did not use evenly despite numerous coats. Antoinette had actually the very same problem. These two colours are better suited to lighter skin tones or for a very patient perboy who doesn’t mind using the product in 6 layers to gain it appropriate. The rest swatches in this picture applied beauticompletely and also had actually a thick consistency that lasted for 6 hours till re application was necessary.


Nyx Full Matte Throttle Lipsticks

According to Nyx it’s the shade addict’s ultimate resolve and also a makeup artist’s dream: Our brand-new waterproof Full Throttle Lipstick covers your lips through super-saturated matte shade and features a distinct bullet through a beveled edge for lining, filling and also perfecting your pout to your heart’s desire. We tested 7 shades on tool and also dark skin tones and you can see the results listed below.


Antoinette and I swatched them on prior to swatching the Cream matte lipsticks….BOG MISTAKE because we had so a lot trouble washing these off. It took a waterproof remover, coconut oil and also babsence soap prior to it washed off our hands. Which means it is exactly as advertised ”WATERPROOF”. Whilst we loved 6 of the shades we had actually concerns with two of the colours 03 och 07 which were extremely difficult to apply evenly on pigmented skin and lips. It takes a number of layers before it actually looks good. The rest looked great on our skin tones and remained on like glue.

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When it concerns price selection i think Nyx is affordable for many budgets and also is excellent for anyone looking to extend their makeup collection via some fun diverse colours. Because I am a Nyx addict i will certainly be posting a lot more swatches and reviews on their assets in the coming weeks as we as a complete review with imperiods.

Nyx is now purchased by Loreal and will be obtainable in Åhlens and Kicks for those that can’t wait to acquire their hands on the products. You have the right to additionally order online at: