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What characterizes TQM is the emphasis on identifying root reasons of top quality problems and correcting them at the resource, as opposed to inspecting the product after it has been made. Not just does TQM encompass the entire company however it stresses that high quality is customer driven. TQM attempts to embed high quality in every aspect of the company. It is concerned with the technological aspects of quality as well as the involvement of people in quality, such as customers, firm employees, and also carriers. Here we look at the specific ideas that comprise the philosophy of TQM. These principles and their major principles are summarized in Table 5-3.

Customer Focus

The first, and also overriding, function of TQM is the company"s focus on its customers. Quality is identified as meeting or exceeding customer expectations. The goal is to first recognize and then fulfill customer demands. TQM recognizes that a perfectly created product has actually little bit worth if it is not what the customer desires. Thus, we deserve to say that high quality is customer thrust. However, it is not constantly simple to recognize what the customer wants bereason tastes and preferences change. Also, customer expectations regularly vary from one customer to the next. For example, in the auto industry trends adjust reasonably conveniently, from little ...

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