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Unfortunately "No Tears for the Dead" is no longer available to stream on Netflix It may rerotate in the future and also you deserve to constantly ask Netflix to put it ago again. For indevelopment about how to repursuit films and TV reflects please follow this link: How To Ask Netflix To Add Your Favourite Movie or Show

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Date Added: 18th April 2015

Date Removed: 18th October 2017

Available for: 30 months


Distraught over killing an innocent girl, a hit male chooses rather to save the life of his following target -- the dead girl"s mom.

Certificate: NR

Year: 2014

Duration: 1hr 56m

Cast and Crew

Director: Jeong-beom Lee

Cast: Dong-gun Jang, Kim Min-hee, Hee-won Kim, Jun Sung Kim

Production & Box Office Details:

"No Tears for the Dead" was initially released in 2014.






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