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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: What are the actions in the producer licensing process?


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Pre-Licensing Education
2. Testing
3. Fingerprinting
4. Online or paper application
Q: How perform I acquire a letter of certification? Many type of states no longer need a created letter of certification in order to process your nonresident application or license renewal. They participate in the Producer Database (PDB) maintained by National Insurance Producer Regisattempt (NIPR), a non-profit affiliate of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). The PDB is an electronic database consisting of indevelopment relating to insurance agents and brokers (producers). The PDB links participating state regulatory licensing units right into one common repository of producer indevelopment. Participating says deserve to verify your license best over the Web without the require for a letter of certification. To save time, examine through the state to check out if they still need the document.

To learn more about the digital electronic nonresident licensing (ENRL) application process, visit the NIPR web site

Obtain a letter of certification (making use of DOBI"s Licensee Search)

Q: If I adjust my residence or organization resolve, carry out I must tell the Department?

Yes. Insurance producer licensing laws need you to educate us of any type of adjust within 30 days of the moment that it occurs. Faitempt to carry out so might lead to bureaucratic penalties.

If you are an individual, currently you can change your deal with in your resident state and also all participating claims in which you are licensed through simply one online create. This company is provided to you totally free of charge. To readjust your address online, please visit the NIPR"s Producer Address Change Research web site.

Link: https://pdb.nipr.com/ACR/SignIn The digital address process is not obtainable if you are transforming your resident state or if the adjust is for an company, not an individual. In those situations, please use our address adjust request develop or inform us by submitting a letter indicating your name, license reference number, existing deal with, brand-new attend to and also efficient day of the change. Please authorize and day the alert. If the readjust is for a company entity, the letter must be signed by an owner or officer/director.

Change your attend to digital with NIPR


Q: Does New Jersey license agencies and the individual producers? Yes. If you are doing service as an agency and not exclusively as an individual, you need to license the company entity. If it is a resident applicant, all policemans, partners, and also owners of 10% or more of the business must have their fingerprints processed via Live Scan. Eextremely company entity, resident or nonresident, need to list on the application one or more designated responsible producers with energetic soimg.org licenses cumulatively spanning all lines of authority asked for on the application.

Apply digital for a resident organization entity producer license Live Shave the right to Fingerprinting

Q: I am a nonresident and wish to apply for a producer license in your state. How have the right to I carry out this? Under current insurance laws, if your license is in good standing in your residence state, you may apply for a license in New Jersey simply by completing the application for any type of or all of the lines of authority you have in your residence state and paying the required application fee. The fastest way for you to obtain a nonresident license is to use digital with the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR), a non-profit affiliate of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). To learn more around the virtual digital nonresident licensing (ENRL) application procedure, visit the NIPR internet website.
Q: How execute I include a line of authority to my existing license? If you are a non-resident, you must be licensed in great standing in your residence state in the line of authority for which you wish to add. The fastest means for you to acquire this enhancement to your nonresident license is to use digital via the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR), a non-profit affiliate of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). As an alternate, you may use by returning a copy of your New Jersey license or a letter that has your New Jersey license recommendation number with a dated and also signed repursuit to add the line of authority and also a inspect made payable to the State of New Jersey General Treasury for $40. If your house state participates in the Producer Database (PDB) maintained by National Insurance Producer Regisattempt (NIPR) a non-profit affiliate of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), you do not must submit a letter of certification. If we cannot verify your licensing standing in your house state via PDB, we perform require a letter of certification from your home state.

Apply online through NIPR OR

Sfinish dated and also signed request (incorporate license recommendation number) to: soimg.org Department of Banking and Insurance Licensing Services Bureau PO Box 327 Trenton, soimg.org 08625

Q: What is involved through obtaining a Limited Lines Insurance Producers license? Individuals and organization entities have to apply for a license and comply via all producers law and also regulations for requirements of conduct, document maintaining, fees and also monitoring of funds. Applications and criminal background are reregarded.
Q: What forms of restricted lines licenses are there? The types are: Bail bonds, credit insurance, legal insurance, automobile rental insurance, travel insurance, team mortgage cancellation, self-storage personal residential property, and also special nonresident limited lines (for limited lines offered by various other says, but not New Jersey).

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Q: Do I have to license my legally developed business entity, corporation, LLC, or is my individual license sufficient? According to New Jersey regulation, any type of legally created company entity transacting insurance associated business must keep a separate producer license. Any individual producer licencheck out transacting insurance related business through a non-licensed company entity is in violation of the New Jersey Insurance Producer Licensing Act of 2001 and topic to an administrative penalty. In enhancement, each company entity should have actually at leastern one New Jersey licensed individual producer.

N.J.A.C. 11:17-2.8 says that the New Jersey Department of Banking and also Insurance (soimg.orgDOBI) should grant all business and also trade names of applicants for a resident New Jersey insurance producer license. It is strongly recommended that name approval by this Department is acquired before submitting an application for a resident New Jersey insurance producer license. Additionally, please be advised that recording of the name by the County Clerk or federal government entities does not guarantee acceptance by this Department. For this, as well as other factors, all name requests have to be apverified by the Department of Banking and Insurance before the recording of the name by a County Clerk or other government entity. Names that execute not comply with N.J.A.C. 11:17-2.8 will certainly not be apshowed. After obtaining approval of the business name by soimg.orgDOBI follow the measures listed below to acquire licensing.

The apshowed company name can be filed with the New Jersey Department of Treasury, Commercial Recording at 609-292-9292. (If the word “Insurance” is consisted of in the name the Department of Treasury will certainly not permit you to file online); Obtain the Certificate of Formation of LLC or Articles of Incorporation presently stamped filed by the Secretary of State;
Q: Are tright here any changes that affect excess lines producer licenses?Noncitizens might now achieve excess lines authority; a bond is no much longer a condition for licensure; and a New Jersey office is no much longer compelled. These transforms assure compliance via the reciprocity provisions of the federal Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.
Q: What are the fees charged? Major line license

$150 for a 2 year license

Limited lines license

$75 for a 2 year license

Late rejuvenation fee, significant line


Late regeneration fee, limited lines


Application fee (new application)


More processing fee for paper (rather than online) applications and renewals


Prelicensing Education

Q: What are the mandatory prelicensing education and learning classroom hours for the various insurance producer lines of authority? (These hours include the instruction topics extended in the time of the previously mandated 15 hours in insurance regulation. **)


20 hours


20 hours

Combined Life and also Health

40 hours


20 hours


20 hours

Integrated Property and Casualty

40 hours

Personal Lines

20 hours


20 hours

Surplus Lines


Limited Lines - Bail Bonds

10 hours

Apshowed insurance education and learning service providers may sell a supplemental prelicensing education and learning course to help those license candidates that feel the require for even more in-depth instruction. This course might be of any type of duration but is not mandatory. All compelled instruction will be had in the mandatory course lasting 20 hours for the significant lines established above or 10 hours for Limited Lines - Bail Bonds.

Q: Wbelow deserve to I get information on insurance education and learning providers? Information on apconfirmed insurance education and learning provider (MS Excel) might be obtained from our internet site. These suppliers may offer prelicensing education and learning courses, proceeding education and learning courses, or both. The courses they offer may be in a traditional classroom establishing, a self research format, or both. Our list has call indevelopment for each provider and the type of courses they sell. We hope that you will certainly search our list to uncover an insurance education and learning provider that meets your professional needs and also individual instruction choice.

Locate an apshowed insurance education and learning provider (MS Excel)

Q: Do I have to complete prelicensing courses? All people applying for a resident insurance producer license requesting authority to transact Life, Health, Property, Casualty, Personal Lines, Title and also Limited Line Bail Bonds that carry out not qualify for a waiver of prelicensing education need to finish a prelicensing education course offered by an approved insurance education and learning provider. We have enacted regulatory reforms that will certainly currently permit insurance education service providers to market prelicensing education courses in a self examine format. Please watch our listing of approved insurance education providers (MS Excel) for those that market courses in a standard classroom establishing and also those that offer the required courses via a self research format. Recheck out the waiver form (PDF) to identify if you qualify. (We additionally resolve waivers listed below.)

Get waiver application form (PDF)

Q: Wbelow have the right to I obtain indevelopment on forms relating to insurance education?Get insurance education creates.

Q: How much is the examination fee? The fee is $47 per examination.

Please Note:

License candidates now have the alternative to take producer license and public adjuster license examinations remotely or in perchild at one of the PSI Services experimentation centers. In-perkid and remote exams may be scheduled onlineat:https://www.psiexams.com/soimg.orgin

Q: When and where are the examicountries given? Examinations are administered remotely at your house or exclusive office, or at a test facility operated by by our contracted merchant, PSI Services LLC, throughout the week and occasionally on Saturdays. After completing the compelled prelicensing education needs, contact PSI Services to schedule an appointment.