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Super NES Standard preorders are ultimately happening, and frenzied fans are already ravaging retailer stockpiles. The mechanism, a 1990s era Super Nintenexecute that’s been hit through a shrink ray and also bundled with 21 games—including a never-before-released followas much as 3D shoot-em-up Star Fox—arrives on September 29 for $79.99.

Nintendo’s main Super NES Classic web page confirms that preorders are happening now via official retail partners Amazon, Best Buy, GameSoptimal, Target, Toys ‘R’ Us and also Walmart.

Here’s where you can discover the Super NES Standard, adhered to by a rundown of everything we know around Nintendo’s micro-console so much.

Amazon – Sold Out

Amazon’s preorders went live in the middle of the night, August 22, and also instantly marketed out. The online retailer’s Super NES Classic preorder page is here.

Best Buy – Sold Out

The electronic devices retailer opened preorders Tuesday morning, August 22, and also promptly marketed out. Keep an eye on Best Buy’s official Super NES Standard preorder page for even more details, which the agency states is “coming soon.”

GameSheight – Sold Out

GameStop’s Super NES Standard preorders were supposed to go live at 1:00 p.m. ET on August 22, purchasable either as individual devices or as component of five bundles, which the agency says you have the right to buy digital, or using their web-in-store program. The firm calls for a $25 deposit to obtain the console on September 29.

The retailer likewise states it’s taking preorders in-keep.

Target – Sold Out

Target’s preorders went live shortly after 1:00 p.m. ET on August 22, yet easily sold out. Its placeholder Super NES Standard page was last watched right here.

ThinkGeek – Sold Out

The GameSheight subsidiary is selling several reasonably high-priced Super NES Standard bundle editions.

Walmart – Sold Out

You can preorder the Super NES Classic from Walmart here. The company’s preorder web page appears to have gone live around 1:00 p.m. ET on August 22, but buyers easily melted through Walmart’s initial allotment.

Toys ‘R’ Us – Not Available

Toys ‘R’ Us’s Super NES Standard web page isn’t obtainable yet, and according to this Twitter reply, the toy retailer won’t offer preorders.

eBay – Available

If you don’t mind paying exorbitant scalper prices, eBay has actually listings for the Super NES Standard for in between $200 and also $300. This is utter last rekind territory for super-fans, and under-no-circumstances-whatsoever before turf for everyone else.

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What is the Super NES Classic?

More than simply a Super NES knockoff, the Super NES Standard is a pint-sized replica of Nintendo’s beloved 16-bit gray-and-purple console that initially arrived stateside in November 1991. Instead of top-loading cartridges, it comes through 21 games baked in, a pair of replica controllers and high-definition graphic assistance.

It likewise has a unique “rewind” attribute that allows players reattempt sections of a game, from a couple of minutes to a few dozen seconds, depending on the game.

What’s the Super NES Classic’s release date and price?

You have the right to have it on September 29 for $79.99.

When have the right to I preorder?

See above! Preorders began August 22, 2017. That comports with what Nintenexecute shelp on its Facebook web page in beforehand August, noting that preorders would start in late August.

What games does the Super NES Classic include?

You get 21 acasserted gems, consisting of original UNITED STATE SNES pack-in Super Mario World and also a Star Fox sequel that Nintendo and also British studio Argonaut Games totally arisen but never before released. (To accessibility Star Fox 2, you have to first beat Star Fox‘s starter level, says Nintenperform, quipping “We didn’t want to make it as well hard!”)

Here’s the complete list:

Contra III: The Alien Wars Donkey Kong Country EarthBound Final Fantasy III (thus renamed Final Fantasy VI) F-ZERO Kirby Super Star Kirby’s Dream Course The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Mega Man X Secret of Mana Star Fox Star Fox 2 Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting Super Castlevania IV Super Ghouls ’n Ghosts Super Mario Kart Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Super Mario World Super Metroid Super Punch-Out!! Yoshi’s Island also

What comes via the Super NES Classic?

In addition to the system, package includes an HDMI cable, a USB charging cable via AC adapter and also 2 Super NES Standard Controllers—crucial if you’re up for some neighborhood two-player per games prefer Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting, Super Mario Kart, Contra III: The Alien Wars and Secret of Mana. The controller cable length has wisely been extended to 5 feet as well. (The NES Classic’s controller was simply 3 feet.)

Wright here else deserve to I discover one?

Video Game blogs (and roundups prefer this one) will certainly lag the signal flares whooshing from social hubs prefer Twitter and Facebook, or forums prefer Reddit and also NeoGAF as sales news breaks. Monitoring the Twitter and Facebook feeds of retail giants choose Targain and also Walmart for unsupposed dispatches is an excellent principle.

Watch Nintencarry out of America’s Twitter and also Facebook feeds, of course. You can likewise save an eye on the unmain Nintenperform Reddit (be certain to scan the “New” view), or monitor NeoGAF’s SNES preorder thcheck out, via the usual caveats around information gleaned from anonymous public hangouts. It’s also worth bookmarking in-stock checkers favor NowInStock or the Twitter feeds of deal-watchers like Wario64.

How many Super NES Classics will certainly Nintenexecute make?

Nintenperform has promised to produce “considerably more” of the SNES Classic than it did the NES Classic, a device that was perpetually sold out and ultimately canceled well short of meeting consumer demand also. It’s anyone’s guess what the full will certainly be, however we recognize Nintenperform marketed 2.3 million NES Classics throughout its five-month run, so plainly even more than that.

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In an August 1 Facebook dispatch, the firm reiterated its commitment to developing the device in high volume, creating “A substantial amount of additional systems will be shipped to stores for launch day, and throughout the balance of the calendar year.”

What’s this about a companion Super NES Standard book?

Publisher Prima is placing out a companion book to fete the Super NES Classic titled Playing With Super Power: Nintenexecute SNES Classics, a compendium that’s due simultaneous through Nintendo’s micro-console on September 29. The beefy 320-page book combines historic information, speedrun tips and factoids, and also is analogous to the book Prima published to celebrate the NES Classic last year.