perhaps let us be able to readjust logos or jerseys after reaching 99 or after winning a Chip in myplayer

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Next year on 2022 tbelow need to be a way wbelow you deserve to play a friend digital with your mycareer team. I would certainly love to play my friend via an edited roster of course in mycareer mode. It would certainly be even more competitive and also likewise make human being play mycareer even more frequently. Sometimes players complain that mycareer can be boring but this will make it even more engaging.

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In practice if you have actually a legfinish visit your practice you earn an increase but I feel choose the game have to go past this and start having actually not just legends yet celebrities present up at the games and you must earn a rise from impushing a legfinish and celebrities and the rise must be bigger then the increase you get from the exercise increase some celebrities concepts , drake ,Kevin heart , will farrow , Rihanna ,Jay z , Taylor... more »

for 2k22 can we obtain the announcer that claims, BANG!" for made shots lol As well as, personality traits that deserve to bring about techs, or a "fight the speak to button"...more random injuries relying on gameplay(if u drive even more the threats go up) suspensions additionally due to the my player character trait..for random realistic things prefer substance band and so on to make for a harder even more life like gsme

1st I would favor to say love the game some errors right here in tbelow likeshooting absent slightly wide opens it shouldn"t issue what swarm ya usage it have to go in if ya a 3pt shooter. Also if ya meter go late beforehand incredibly at an early stage extremely late need to always miss out on consisting of layups... please change that it would make players better at timing at right time But regardmuch less I be utilizing the one hand swarm still controlled to make shots. Also... more »
Tbelow should be an choice to order clothing and also have it shipped to you choose in real life. For instance, just how the increase and also Gatorade option you deserve to currently simply purchase without going to the facility. With the neighborhood development human being would certainly have no trouble paying the extra vc to have the alternative to order clothes. Especially for exclusive drops people will have the anticipation of waiting and also having it Sent to their clocollection... more »
This might be a crazy concept, however probably this might settle a huge balancing issue 2k seems to have via builds... I think "position" have to be taken out of the MyPlayers builder... Or at least rerelocated as a "divider" in between builds. What if 2k asindications place based upon the vitals and qualities. Or have choose position chosen last and also you might choose 2 of 3 feasible positions.. because it makes no sense for instance a pg and also an... even more »

Continues myplayer/MyCareer , make you at lease feel like you really playing.... it"s time for a brand-new method. I virtually didn"t obtain 2k21 it"s the very same fundamental regime ""Change Up"... and make the slam dunk more playable and also add the Olympics to the MyCareer eincredibly four years if you qualify

its a stupid fucking gimmick and also everyone knows it it forces you to play against various other players to unlock rituals

My friends and I, and also I"m sure many type of others would like to view the capacity to play your my player nba story and seasons with your friends my players. Sharing a season via your and also your friends my career player, and completing for championships and awards would certainly be the ultimate my player experience. Forgain that Cobb man and also let my rival be my real life frifinish.

we have to have actually houses and also automobile in mycareer and also have a gta favor mycareer because that will certainly be fun and also make it more realistic and the mode will be different than the city. the city will still be tbelow but i think we should carry out for mycareer really 2k21 to be fun.

Love 2k21 was kinda bummed the storyline stops after you acquire drafted in the nba. I favor the storyline in 2k20 especially in the nba. Mabey being able to have actually more flashy dunk animations that dont call for nearly 90 driving dunk. But honestly i just enjoy the cutscenes and storyline that carries right into the nba

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