Nathan introduces a controversial frozen yogurt flavor and also hatches a plan for eight-minute pizza delivery.

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Nathan steras a viral video to put a petting zoo on the map and sets up a "Santa in the Summer" photo shoot at a mall.

Nathan motivates a clothes save to allow shoplifting and also turns a restaurant right into the neighborhood toilet.

Nathan devises the world"s biggest rebate to assist an independent gas terminal and transcreates a fledgling caricature artist into the King of Sting.

Nathan tries to gain a haunted home deemed "also scary" and overcomes his fear of the oppowebsite sex by developing a fake fact present.

Nathan diversifies solutions at a struggling funeral residence, puts a burger joint to the test and also goes skydiving.
Nathan challenges a exclusive investigator to track him for a day and also devises a way to boost taxicab conversations.
Nathan convinces a mechanic to verify his approximates with a polygraph test and also rebrands Sue Stanford as the Ghost Realtor.
Nathan sets up a fake film shoot in an effort to increase sales at a Hollylumber souvenir shop, yet his setup gets facility once he discovers that he might have actually committed fraud.
Nathan locations a controversial ad in a pet cemetery, takes tips from a emphasis group in order to become more likeable and devises a technique to clean a residence in 6 minutes flat.
Nathan comes up via a way to sell alcohol to minors, helps an exterminator land a hotel contract and supplies birds to attract customers to a vehicle wash.
Nathan provides usage of parody regulation to open up up a coffee shop almost similar to Starbucks in its branding and appearance.
Nathan invents a mechanism to safeguard woguys on first dates, proposes a radical brand-new weight-loss regimen and helps a party planner mitigate "guest list" stress for her clients.
Nathan comes up with a method to get a failing taxi firm some much-essential press and implements a riskies brand-new line-cutting policy at a hot dog stand also.
Nathan sectors an unappealing children"s toy, devises a means to shame human being that share their movie snacks and pitches a fact show starring Simon the protection guard.
Nathan tries to leverage Best Buy"s price-corresponding policy by heralding a deal on TVs that"s too great to be true.
Nathan makes horseago riding even more asoimg.orgessible, develops a line of socially aware outerwear and also creates a place for guys to chill out while their girlfriends shop.
Nathan recruits son athletes for endorsement deals and also finds a method to put drunk people"s clumsiness to great usage.

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